Videos Show Suspected Drug Cartel Members Crossing Into Texas Carrying Rifles, Body Armor


Fronton, TX – Video captured images of suspected drug cartel members making their way across the Rio Grande River into the United States on Saturday, toting big rifles and body armor across the border with them.

Three men were filmed by security cameras crossing the U.S. border in the Fronton area on the evening of Aug. 5, FOX News reported.

Law enforcement sources told FOX News that the men were wearing body armor and carrying rifles as they moved through the brush.

U.S. Border Patrol agents, including the tactical unit, were deployed to intercept the illegal border crossers but couldn’t find the suspects when they arrived on the scene.

The suspects still have not been apprehended.

The area is the same stretch where five suspected Northeast Cartel members were captured in June, FOX News reported.

Just days before, a Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) drone captured video of armed smugglers helping illegal immigrants cross the Rio Grande River at Eagle Pass.

Authorities tried to catch that suspect, too, but the man fled back across the river and escaped into Mexico, according to FOX News.

TDPS Lieutenant Chris Olivarez said the armed suspects were perfect examples of why the state of Texas was working so hard to shut down its part of the border.

“It’s the criminal element – it’s the Mexican drug cartels that have been able to expand their criminal network… they are causing harm by killing tens of thousands Americans with fentanyl,” Lt. Olivarez said.

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