Videos Show Suspect In Stolen Ambulance Ramming Cop, Hitting At Least 13 Vehicles In Wild Chase


Arlington, VA – More than a dozen vehicles were damaged and a Virginia trooper’s patrol car was rammed by a stolen ambulance during a chaotic pursuit on Saturday in the near suburbs of the nation’s capital.

The destructive crime spree began at approximately 3:40 p.m. on Aug. 12, when the driver behind the wheel of a stolen truck crashed into another vehicle in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 66 near mile marker 74, WTTG reported.

Virginia State Police (VSP) officers responded to the scene and discovered the alleged driver of the stolen truck, 30-year-old Darell Caldwell, had fled the area prior to their arrival.

Officers found the driver of the vehicle Caldwell allegedly slammed into suffering from minor injuries, WTTG reported.

The driver was transported to the hospital for treatment and was expected to recover.

Shortly after the initial collision, a second crash was reported in Arlington County on northbound Interstate 395 near Exit 10, WTTG reported.

Investigators said Caldwell crashed the stolen truck into another vehicle, leaving five people injured, then fled the scene on foot.

Caldwell allegedly stole another truck and headed the wrong way down the George Washington Parkway, causing yet another wreck, WTTG reported.

An ambulance was responding to the second collision when it came upon the third crash site, so the medical crew stopped to help the driver of a vehicle Caldwell crashed into, according to investigators.

But while they were helping the injured driver, Caldwell allegedly jumped into the parked ambulance and sped away, WTTG reported.

A trooper responding to the multiple crash sites was flagged over by medics who told the trooper about the stolen ambulance.

The trooper took off after the ambulance and soon pulled in behind it, but Caldwell allegedly refused to pull over, WTTG reported.

Investigators said the suspect stopped in the middle of the road at one point during the ensuing chase, then threw the vehicle into reverse and rammed the trooper’s patrol unit as he was stepping out of it.

Caldwell then allegedly fled the scene and made his way to the Interstate 395 Express Lanes headed to Washington, DC, WTTG reported.

He ultimately pulled off the interstate and later crashed into a parked vehicle at the intersection of D Street Northwest and 14th Street Northwest, bringing the pursuit to an end.

Police said there was a woman inside the parked car at the time of the final collision.

She was transported to the hospital with minor injuries, WTTG reported.

Investigators said the suspect crashed into at least 13 vehicles during the incident.

Caldwell was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital to be evaluated.

He is now facing an unknown number of federal charges, as well as state charges of eluding police and 16 felony counts of hit-and-run.

Additional charges may be forthcoming, according to WJLA.

Caldwell was previously arrested in Northeast DC on April 15 for allegedly stealing a Cadillac Escalade from a residence, WJLA reported.

Investigators said the suspect rammed into two parked vehicles while trying to flee the scene, then fled the area.

A short while later, he got the stolen SUV stuck on a pile of rocks and dirt, at which point a citizen detained him until police arrived, WJLA reported.

Caldwell was arrested for auto theft in that case, but walked out of jail just two days later on a personal recognizance bond.

He later skipped out on his court date, resulting in a bench warrant being issued for his arrest, WJLA reported.

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