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Woman Claims Daughter Was Brutalized By Police, Then Sheriff Releases Truth

A viral story has generated outrage at the police, but now the sheriff's department has released what actually happened.

Parkland, WA – A woman has posted photos to social media accusing the sheriff’s department of brutality against her 15-year-old daughter, but now the department has released what really happened.

Mai Klein posted to social media on Friday morning saying that her daughter was “bruality attack” by Pierce County Sheriff’s Department at around 1 a.m.

In her post, she said, “they dragged my baby girl and let there K9 mole on her back and leg after the police already had her in handcuffs and down.”

“She blacked out twice and the officers shaked her to get her up to walk they told her she was not going to get any help that she had to heal herself she begged for help and they treated her like she was nothing. They never read her any rights and now we been in the hospital since 330 am police brutality on a 15 yr old girl with no weapons or ever in trouble I’m devastated as a mom,” the post went on.

She included photos of her daughter’s injuries.

The post quickly went viral, with thousands of shares.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has responded with what actually happened.

According to the sheriff’s department, a Washington State Patrol trooper saw a white Ford Windstar with no rear taillights driving on Pacific Ave. S. and 167th St.

The trooper attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver sped off and ran multiple stop signs.

Due to the danger that the fleeing suspect was causing to the public, the trooper discontinued the pursuit.

Another trooper then spotted the vehicle in the parking lot of the nearby Safeway grocery store.

The trooper attempted to stop the car, and the driver again took off, going approximately 50 MPH down a county road. The driver tried to make a turn, lost control of the vehicle, and crashed.

The female driver fled on foot while the two passengers remained in the vehicle to be taken into custody.

The trooper called for assistance from a Pierce County K9 unit. The deputy responded and made multiple loud announcements that the K9 would be released, and announced that if she came out then no harm would occur to her; she did not respond.

The K9 then tracked the driver 40 yards away and latched onto her leg until she showed her hands. The K9 was ordered to release its hold and the suspect was taken into custody.

After she was arrested, troopers were able to identify her and determine that she was 15 years old.

Both the driver and passengers were read their Constitutional Rights on scene. The driver admitted that she had heard the warning that the K9 would be released.

The driver was treated by medics on scene and taken to the hospital for her bite injury.

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The part of Mai Klein’s post which may actually be true is that her daughter “blacked out twice,” because troopers say she was impaired.

Troopers obtained a search warrant for the driver’s blood while she was at the hospital.

After the driver was medically treated and cleared for release, her family demanded that she be taken to a children’s hospital for further treatment.

At the request of the family, troopers transported her to the second hospital for evaluation.

“The troopers noted that she was able to stand on both legs, make eye contact, and speak clearly prior to her family arriving at the hospital,” the Sheriff’s Department said.

The driver’s sister posted a video of the driver at the officer claiming that the police beat her and were trying to take her to the juvenile detention facility without letting her be seen at a children’s hospital or get a CAT scan.

“She can’t even stay woke, and they’re trying to make her go to this Remann Hall place,” the sister said. “She got bit by a dog and beat up by popos.”

It’s not clear if the driver was impaired at the time the video was taken at 9:55 a.m.

“They beat her while she was still on the floor in handcuffs, and they laughed at her while they were beating her,” the sister added. “All she did – all she was doing was driving a car underage.”

She then tried to claim that it was a racial issue.

“She was with probably three other white girls and they didn’t do nothing to them, but they got to go home with their parents,” she said. “But my sister got attacked by a dog and beat by police. How was there three other females in the car but only my sister got beat and attacked by a dog?”

None of the other vehicle occupants are alleged to have been recklessly driving a vehicle while impaired and fleeing from police, and didn’t run and hide from the police. Those passengers were transported to a hospital for evaluation and later released.

After the second hospital medically cleared the driver, her family demanded that she be taken to a third hospital.

Instead, the driver was booked into the juvenile detention facility for felony eluding, DUI, two counts of reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest. Troopers later learned that the suspect’s vehicle was involved in a hit and run just prior to the first pursuit, and additional charges may be added.

Christopher Berg - June Sun, 2018


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