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Woman Ambushed, Beaten By Masked Men In Her Driveway, But She Had A Gun

A 52-year-old woman was able to defend herself against a group of armed men on Tuesday morning.

Houston, TX – Police are searching for a group of masked men who beat and robbed a woman in her driveway on Tuesday.

Investigators said that the 52-year-old victim pulled into her driveway just before 3 a.m., and noticed a vehicle pull in directly behind her, KHOU reported.

When she exited her car, she was attacked by the three assailants, who were carrying guns, according to KPRC.

The men grabbed her by the neck, beat her, and demanded that she hand over her cash.

She was able to escape from the men, and barricaded herself inside her house.

The woman’s mother, who was in her 70s, heard the commotion outside, and contacted police.

“During the fight, she was able to get inside the house,” Houston Police Department (HPD) Lieutenant Larry Crowson told KPRC. “At that point, the males apparently kicked the window in, tried to get in the house.”

Undeterred, the injured woman grabbed a handgun, and rushed back outside to confront her attackers.

She opened fire on the men, who jumped into a dark-colored Toyota, and fled the area, Lt. Crowson said.

The woman sustained a broken jaw in the assault, and was taken for emergency medical care. She was expected to recover.

The men made off with her wallet, but left her purse lying on her driveway.

Investigators said they did not believe the woman was randomly attacked, and were working to determine why she was targeted.

Police said they were also checking local hospitals in the area, to see if any of the masked men were wounded during the during the confrontation, KHOU reported.

News of the attack alarmed others who lived in the normally-uneventful neighborhood, according to KPRC.

“It’s always real quiet. We get very little traffic. Something like that is pretty unusual,” Amuro Alejandro told the news outlet.

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HollyMatkin - March Tue, 2018


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