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White Rose Coffee Shop Closing After Manager Called Cops Bullies Who Don’t Need To Be Humanized

Kato Mele, the owner, has closed the business claiming she has been harassed, and has lost both her daughter and her business.

Lynn, MA – The owner of the White Rose Coffee Shop has closed her business because she claims she is being harassed.

Kato Mele, the owner, said that she has lost “her business and her daughter,” according to WHDH.

She said the last straw was when she arrived home on Tuesday night to find a news crew waiting in her driveway.

In a Facebook post from last week, Mele had invited local police officers to come to her coffee shop and talk about what had opened. She said that no officers showed up.

Not only were police officers missing, but other customers were as well.

Her daughter, Sophie CK, was the coffee shop’s manager.

The business came under fire after Mele’s daughter, Sophie CK, age 23, posted on her Facebook page that she would never allow a ‘Coffee with a Cop’ event “would never be held in her family’s establishment,” according to Turtleboy Sports.

Coffee With A Cop brings police officers and the community members they serve together – over coffee – to discuss issues and to learn more about each other.

The backlash against ‘Sophie CK’s post began almost immediately, when someone responded negatively to her first post.

Mele said in a Facebook post after her daughter’s posts went viral, “I truly believe spending time with an officer and ‘humanizing’ him or her is the most important step for her and for others who engage in this type of rhetoric.”

She also apologized for her daughter’s “hurtful” comments.

Sophie CK continued with her posts and said that “police officers could come in the business, buy coffee, and then leave immediately afterward because they “uphold an unjust system and murder without consequence.”

She said in other posts that she didn’t want police officers in the shop because it would make her “black, Latinx, and Muslim customers feel safe,” and suggested that a “meet an ex-con” event would be much better for the community.

Screenshots from Turtleboy Sports:

Her mother said in a post several hours later that she had always been respectful of Lynn police officers and “the job they do.”

Her post also suggested that it was a minor mistake and said that it was a young person acting out of emotion, and that it was a moment of learning.

Her daughter’s response apologized only to her mother; she also said she should have had better judgment.

Sophie CK’s mother later responded in a post that she had fired her daughter.

In that post, Kato Mele said, “My daughter is no longer in my employ. While I love her deeply, she made an appalling statement on her social media page with which I very much disagree.”

She later wrote an apology letter to the local police department which said, in part:

“The White Rose Coffee House publicly acknowledges and apologizes to all Law Enforcement agencies and specifically the Lynn Massachusetts Police Department for the reprehensible affront, distasteful, biased and hateful remarks made by the manager of the White Rose on a personal Facebook page.

We do not share any of the views expressed and are, in reality, proud and grateful to all law enforcement for their strength and brave disregard to their personal safety that they risk daily which allows us to live, work and worship in a sometimes hostile world.”

GinnyReed - October Fri, 2017


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