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Wendy’s Employees Refused To Serve Fort Worth Officer

Fort Worth, TX - Fort Worth Police Department took to Twitter to question Wendy's on their employee's refusal to serve an officer on Thursday night.

Fort Worth, TX – Fort Worth Police Department took to Twitter to question Wendy’s on their employee’s refusal to serve an officer on Thursday night. Wendy’s quickly tweeted backing asking for details. They have since released a statement on the incident and have opened an investigation at the store in question.

According to The Dallas News, a Fort Worth police officer was refused service at a Wendy’s on Interstate-20, near Trail Lake Drive on Thursday night, January 5th. The officer said he entered the Wendy’s, made eye contact with the employees and they all walked to the back, refusing to serve him. A short time later the Fort Worth Police Department tweeted about the incident to a verified Wendy’s account, asking #whatsthebeef ?

Wendy’s quickly replied to the Tweet.

Wendy’s has since issued a press release, calling the incident an ‘unfortunate misunderstanding.’ Wendy’s said this location offers free meals and discounts to all members of law enforcement and they are working with the department to resolve the matter. While we appreciate the company’s quick response to the incident, we look forward to further clarification on what constitutes an ‘unfortunate misunderstanding’ and what is acknowledged as downright discrimination of our men and women in uniform.

As the environment for our officers and their safety while eating out becomes increasingly concerning, the law enforcement community is looking at companies to take a stand for our peace keepers. No discrimination, in any form should be tolerated.

Several people have since reached out to the Fort Worth Police Department offering to buy meals for their department. As we’ve reported over the last several weeks, places such as The Cheesecake Factory, Smashburger, and Arby’s have all had employees refuse to serve uniformed officers. Taco Bell employees have repeatedly created issues with law enforcement, and the company has always responded immediately and appropriately to these rogue employees.

Many companies have taken a stand with law enforcement, fired the disrespectful employees for the discrimination and offered formal apologies to law enforcement. Although sometimes the restaurants’ response is lacking, and claim a “misunderstanding” and offer no more explanation. We certainly hope that’s not going to be the case here.

What do you think of the Wendy’s response? Let us know in the comments below.

BlueLivesMatterArchi - July Wed, 2017


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