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WATCH: Baltimore PD Bodycam Video Shows Officer Win Gunfight With Curtis Deal

Officer David Kinland won the gunfight with Curtis Deal. Baltimore, MD – A Baltimore PD officer’s exceptional reaction time saved him from being gunned down in the street, as he fired just a hair faster than Curtis Deal.


Curtis Deal, 18, was fleeing on foot from Baltimore PD officers while he had a gun visible in his hand.

Deal ran by an Officer David Kinland who was joining in the pursuit. Both Deal and Officer Kinland turned to confront each other, and Deal began to raise his gun towards the officer. Officer Kinland’s exceptional reaction time allowed him to recognize the threat and respond appropriately. The merest fraction of a second would have allowed Deal to fire on this police hero.

Watch the shooting here:

A loaded firearm was recovered from Curtis Deal. He was transported to the hospital where he died of acute lead poisoning.

“Curtis Deal had plenty of opportunities to get rid of the gun during a minute long foot chase. Curtis deal chose not to get rid of the gun and then decided to point the gun at an officer,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

“This didn’t have to happen, this was absolutely a preventable thing. Curtis Deal should be behind bars,” Commisioner Davis said.

When questioned about whether the shooting was justified, the commissioner said, “Mr. Deal pointed a loaded gun at Baltimore City officer. Period. Next question.”

BlueLivesMatter - October Wed, 2017


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