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VIDEO: WWE Star Says She Was In Character For Stunt When Berating Cop On Video

WWE star Lacey Evans dropped her "nasty" catchphrase during a traffic stop.

Alberta, CANADA – WWE superstar Lacey Evans claims she was staying in character as part of a pre-planned stunt during a traffic stop in Edmonton on Saturday (video below).

In a video of the encounter, Evans went off on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer who had the misfortune to stop her and dropped her signature “nasty” catchphrase, TMZ reported.

The video began as the officer returned to Evans’ car to give her a speeding ticket.

“Are you serious right now?” she muttered to herself as the officer approached. “That’s not a citation is it?”

“No, it’s a violation ticket for speeding, miss,” the officer replied in a friendly voice.

“Do you know who I am?” Evans demanded in the video.

“I have no idea,” the officer replied.

“Well, I’m Lacey Evans and I do not rate that ticket so you can go ahead…” she began in a haughty tone.

“Who is Lacey Evans?” the officer interrupted her.

“WWE Superstar and you should know exactly who I am,” Evans replied snidely.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I don’t,” the officer told her with a smile and didn’t miss a beat. “Okay so here’s the ticket, information on the back of it…”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Evans cut him off and reached out to snatch the ticket from the officer’s hand. “You nasty thing, I’ll pay the ticket.”

“Okay, well have a good day,” the obviously confused officer told the dramatic driver in the video.

“You have a terrible day, sir. Canada is terrible and I can’t wait to get back…” Evans ranted.

“Welcome to Edmonton,” he told her with a smile and a friendly wave as he backed away from her car to return to his vehicle.

Evans filmed her encounter with the RCMP officer posted it to Twitter with the caption “1.Canada is terrible. 2. You know Exactly who I am. 3. You will be speaking to my lawyer. #YaNasty

Then she followed up that tweet on Sunday with a picture from her match in Alberta with the comment “Single handedly taking down Canada one nasty at a time.”

But by midday Monday, facing a ton of backlash for the disrespectful way she had treated the RCMP officer, Evans tweeted an update that said the shenanigans were preplanned with the police as a promotion for her upcoming event in Edmonton.

Evans described herself as former law enforcement and a U.S. Marine and said she would never disrespect a police officer in real life the way she did in the promotional video.

But despite the WWE star’s assertions, RCMP told Global News that the traffic stop was real and definitely not planned on law enforcement’s end.

“I can’t answer for her, but it’s a legitimate traffic stop from our end,” RCMP Corporal Chris Warren said.

WWE has not responded to requests for comment, Global News reported.

You can see the video of the incident below:

Sandy Malone - September Mon, 2019


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