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VIDEO: Woman Throws Hot Coffee On Man For Not Wearing Mask While Eating Lunch

Manhattan Beach, CA – A woman threw her hot coffee on a man eating lunch on a Manhattan Beach sidewalk because he wasn’t wearing a mask (video below).

Cell phone video of the incident was posted by TMZ and quickly went viral.

The video showed the incident began when the two unmasked men were sitting outside on a bench on the sidewalk eating burritos.

A man and a woman, both wearing masks, walked by and said something to the men about them not wearing masks.

One of the men replied that it was hard to eat with a mask on.

The other man explained that he didn’t believe in the face-mask thing, the video showed.

The conversation began in a friendly manner, with one of the men on the bench admitting he’d just had a confrontation with a barista about the same thing.

The masked man became more confrontational as one of the men talked to the woman about the business he owned in the area, the video showed.

Then off-camera, an argument can be heard.

“What are you looking at me for? I didn’t say s–t to you,” a man said. “Get the f–k out of my face!”

And then the woman suddenly hurled her cup of coffee at him.

Liquid flew past the camera as the masked-woman hurled her hot cup of coffee on one of the men, the video showed.

The couple walked away quickly but the man drenched in coffee chased after him.

The woman used the jacket she was carrying to strike the first blow at the man she had just assaulted with hot coffee, the video showed.

Then the two men started fighting as the woman tried to push herself in the middle and tore at the neckline of the man she had already assaulted.

In the video, the unmasked man did not appear to be the aggressor and the woman continued to go after him repeatedly as he tried to pull out of the confrontation.

He yelled at her repeatedly to get off of him and eventually she stopped, but she and her friend did not walk away.

Her friend’s face was bloodied in the scuffle so he called 911 and reported to the police that the man who his girlfriend had assaulted had attacked him, the video showed.

Rather than continue fighting, the two men whom the angry couple had attacked sat back down and resumed their meal of burritos while the masked man gave police dispatchers a wildly exaggerated version of what happened moments before, the video showed.

The victims repeatedly told the couple that they were going to get arrested.

“You can’t throw hot coffee on people,” one of the men said.

“You punched him in the face,” the woman protested.

The men tried to explain that the first harmful event occurred when she threw hot coffee on someone, the video showed.

The masked man continued to talk to 911.

“You’re going to show the cops coffee all over you because your stupid girlfriend threw it at me,” one of the men told him.

As the video ended, the men who were the victims of the couple vacillated between annoyed and wildly amused by what was happening.

Manhattan Beach police officers responded to the scene but no one was arrested, the Manhattan Beach Patch reported.

Instead, the parties were asked to apologize to each other and they did.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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