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VIDEO: Woman In Airport Screams That She Has Gun And JetBlue Worker Is A Rapist

A woman in a Florida airport had a meltdown where she screamed a worker was a rapist and that she had a gun

Fort Lauderdale, FL – A woman had a meltdown at a Florida airport in which she screamed at airport staff, calling one of them a rapist and said she had a gun.

The unidentified woman’s rant was caught on video and posted on Instagram, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. (Video below)

In the video, the woman is standing and wearing sandals and yells continually, “Get me out of here!” and also yells, “Who does that to a woman like me?”

As she was yelling, the unidentified woman jumped up on the ticket counter so she could get closer to the person she was yelling at.

She spewed profanities at the airport staff and then said she had a gun and that she was homeless.

She grabbed her bag and walked off to the amazement of nearby passengers.

The airport staff member didn’t react to the woman but stayed on the phone the entire time she was yelling at him.

Many passengers were stuck at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport during a 10-hour delay due to technical issues, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

However, JetBlue told Yahoo Lifestyle that the customer in the viral video was supposed to be on a plane that wasn’t experiencing delays.

The woman was denied boarding on an aircraft because she was intoxicated and then became disruptive, the airline said.

In a short video also posted on Instagram, the woman sat on the floor almost motionless with her hands appearing to be handcuffed behind her and her head down with security personnel standing above her. The person who took the video said that was how the incident ended.

“On January 6, crew members at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport requested assistance from local law enforcement after a customer was denied boarding for indications of intoxication and became disruptive,” a spokesperson from JetBlue Corporate Communications told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Watch the video here:

Tom Gantert - January Wed, 2019


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