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VIDEO: Woman Has Meltdown Over Hispanic Woman Wearing MAGA Hat In Post Office

A liberal woman was triggered by a MAGA hat in the Chula Vista post office and was caught on video causing a scene.

Chula Vista, CA – A Hispanic woman wearing a Trump 2020 Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat was accosted in a U.S. Post Office by an irate individual who took offense to her headgear (video below).

Paloma Zuniga, who has dual United States and Mexican citizenship, was in line at the post office in Chula Vista on April 5 when her hat set off person in front of her, PJ Media reported.

“You should be ashamed of yourself for wearing that hat, you stupid b—h,” the woman told Zuniga, according to Yahoo.

Zuniga began filming the interaction and posted it to social media shortly after the incident.

“Don’t record me,” the woman tells Zuniga.

Then she turned to the postal clerk behind the counter for help.

“Can you tell her not to record me?” she asked. “That’s against the law.”

Then the video showed the woman went after Zuniga and her phone and the video lost focus while they struggled.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me,” Zuniga yelled as she was assaulted by the larger woman.

“I have a right not to be recorded!” the woman screamed in the video.

“I have a right not to be harassed! You have no reason to harass me just because of my hat!” Zuniga yelled back at her.

The triggered woman demanded that postal employees summon a supervisor, the video showed.

“It doesn’t matter! You have no reason to harass me just because I’m wearing a Trump hat!” Zuniga said. “What is wrong with you?!”

“I didn’t harass her,” the woman insisted.

“Yes, you did!” Zuniga shot back.

“I saw it,” the postal clerk said in the video.

“Where is the supervisor?” the woman yelled, clearly enraged by not getting her way and making an ugly scene in the post office.

“Stop it right now or I’m going to call the cops!” the postal clerk warned.

“Exactly!” Zuniga yelled. “Do not harass me because of my hat. I don’t care if you don’t agree with it — I have the right to wear it!”

“Okay, racist!” the woman, who was white, said to the Hispanic woman she was taunting.

As the woman was leaving, she began filming Zuniga, and made a point to say she was getting a picture of the address on her package in what could be construed as a threatening manner.

“Let me get your address,” the woman said. “Got it.”

“If you don’t like America, you should move out of America!” Zuniga told her. “Go to Mexico! Go to Central America if you don’t like being here — if you don’t like the president! And don’t you ever lay a hand on me, you psycho!”

“Nobody touched you,” the woman said, despite what is shown on the video.

The video quickly went viral after Zuniga shared it to her Facebook page called “Paloma for Trump.” It had been shared almost 11,500 times by Friday afternoon.

“A lot of people are telling me if they would have been in my shoes yesterday, they would have hit that woman back, call her other names etc.,” Zuniga posted on Facebook on April 7. “I have A LOT of patience and I see attacks for what they are no matter who they come from. I have patience, I try to be as reasonable as possible and if they keep attacking I eventually fight back. What else are you supposed to do? Cannot let anyone walk all over you, no matter their size, how many of them etc. If you are minding your business and just being yourself, no one should EVER attack you. For any reason.”

You can see video from the incident below:

Tom Gantert - April Sun, 2019


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