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VIDEO: Woman Facing Potential Charges For Impersonating Cop To Threaten Teens

Fort Worth police said that the woman seen in the now-viral video is not employed by their department.

Fort Worth, TX – An irate woman who falsely claimed that she was a law enforcement officer as she yelled at a group of teens and threatened to arrest them could face charges of her own (video below).

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at Dream Park, a free playground open to all ages of the public, KHOU reported.

Cell phone footage of the woman’s profanity-laced tirade quickly went viral, amassing over 4.6 million views since it was posted to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

The video showed a group of laughing girls gathered around another teen who was seated on a large swing. At least one of the girls was pushing the swing through the air.

“Stop! Stop!” a woman yelled off-camera. “It’s a children’s park. Stop.”

The girls immediately quieted down and seemed to be confused about what was happening.

“We are children,” one of the girls said.

Just then, a blonde woman stormed into the frame and grabbed the swing, bringing it to a sudden stop.

“No, you’re not,” the woman retorted, as she walked towards the group and pointed her finger at them. “You think you’re a f–king child?”

“Okay, well I’m a f–king PD,” the woman declared with her hands on her hips. “So, get the f–k out of here now if you’re not here to play as a child. Read the f–king signs. Now.”

One of the girls calmly told the woman that she was 16 years old, the video showed.

“Right. Then you’re not a f–king child,” the woman told her. “So, you know I can literally arrest you as a f–king adult. Which is your choice? Are you a child or a goddamn adult? Go. Now. Get out of here.”

According to police, the woman left the playground after someone at the scene called 911, KTVT reported.

The Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) soon launched an investigation into the incident, and announced that the irate woman was not who she claimed to be.

“We have received numerous mentions & messages regarding a woman in a park claiming to be ‘PD’ & using vulgar & inappropriate language toward youth & children,” the FWPD tweeted on Wednesday night. “She does NOT appear to be a #FortWorth police officer.”

The department updated the community about the situation the following day.

“It has been confirmed this person is NOT a FWPD officer, but a possible local resident,” the FWPD tweeted on Thursday. “We are actively investigating this incident for several potential criminal charges including Impersonating a Public Servant and Disorderly Conduct.”

You can watch cell phone footage of the woman’s expletive-filled tirade in the video below:

Holly Matkin - October Fri, 2019


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