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VIDEO: Woman Claims Cop Knocked Out Her Tooth, Mocks ‘White People’ Who Gave Her Over $83K

Chicago, IL – An 18-year-old woman filmed herself taunting police during the riot at the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park on Friday and alleged an officer hit her in the face and knocked her tooth out (video below).

Then she went online and talked about how she had pulled one over on the “white people” who had already donated tens of thousands of dollars to her Go Fund Me just hours after the incident occurred.

Miracle Boyd’s altercation with police occurred on July 17 while she was part of a violent mob who were trying to get through a line of police to tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus, WBBM reported.

Boyd filmed a video with her cell phone as she screamed and yelled at police officers for more than four minutes while officers were trying to push back violent protesters who wanted to attack the statue.

In the video, she repeatedly hurled insults and obscenities in various officers’ and officials’ faces as she tried to breach a perimeter officers had set up back from where they were making arrests at the base of the statue.

“P—y a–,” Boyd called one officer. Then she yelled “f–k the police” at another multiple times, the video showed.

Then she verbally attacked a black police officer for doing his job.

“And then y’all got black police too,” the young woman screamed in the video, clearly offended.

“Y’all be mad cuz y’all got some s–t thrown at y’all,” Boyd tried to antagonize the officers.

The video showed she repeatedly approached officers and got into their faces to try and force them to back up.

At one point, Boyd stood screaming at an officer, drawing a crowd, til the sergeant intervened and told everybody to back up, the video showed.

So the video showed she got into the sergeant’s face instead, screaming about his “white shirt” used to designate police officials.

The sergeant told the woman repeatedly to back up, the video showed.

“And if I don’t? And if I don’t? And if I motherf–kin don’t, then what?” Boyd screamed outraged, inches from his face. “Whatcha motherf–kin gonna do? Not a goddamn thing to me. Know that, know that, know that.”

Then she filmed herself trying to break through the line of police to intervene in the arrest of another protester.

The video showed she went from officer to officer screaming and threatening but then the camera appeared to be knocked out of her hand by one of the officers she approached.

That’s when somebody filming from across the street captured a clip of an officer hitting Boyd in the face.

Boyd said the punch knocked out one of her front teeth.

Her friend told WBBM they thought the officer had been attempting to knock the cell phone out of Boyd’s hand when he struck her.

A sympathetic community member set up a Go Fund Me for Boyd as a victim of police brutality.

The account was shut down after Boyd made a video with a girlfriend bragging about how her altercation with police was going to make her rich and posted it to social media.

In the video, Boyd had the GoFundMe pulled up on her computer screen and was talking about how much money was being given to her.

“These white people love a sad sob story,” Boyd said in the video.

“Yeah, my friend really did get rich as hell off this s–t for real,” her girlfriend said. “The police really didn’t do s–t but just make her rich as f–k for no reason.”

“They lame as hell,” Boyd added.

“They lame as f–k though,” her friend agreed.

WFLD reported they had verified that Boyd and the woman in the video talking about white people and GoFundMe were the same person.

The GoFundMe was shut down by the person who had started it on July 19 with $83,791 already donated to Boyd and no mention of the insulting video.

After receiving criticism for her remarks about the generous donors, Boyd held a press conference on Monday to claim she planned to donate a lot of the money she had been given.

She blamed Mayor Lori Lightfoot for failing to invest in black communities and vowed to donate $10,000 each to several community organizations.

Lightfoot condemned the violence from both sides at the protest but vowed to go after the police officers, WBBM reported.

“There have also been several reports of excessive force by the police,” she said in a statement. “These are also unacceptable. I have spoken to the director of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, and she has assured me that COPA stands ready to address these complaints and will ensure that each of these is dealt with and investigated. We will not spare any resources to do so.”

Then the mayor urged anyone who felt they had been “mistreated” by police to file a complaint, WBBM reported.

Eighteen police officers were injured during the melee over the statue and one sergeant may have been blinded.

Videos of Boyd’s interactions with police were posted online by Chicago Code Blue; see them below. WARNING – Graphic Violence and Obscene Language:

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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