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VIDEO: Woman Calls Cops After Dog Humps Her Dog, Owner Later Arrested For Drugs

A Massachusetts woman called 911 after another dog humped her dog at a public dog park.

Attleboro, MA – A video of a white woman calling the police on a black man at a dog park because his puppy humped her dog went wildly viral, and earned her the nickname “Dog Park Debbie.”

But Turtleboy Sports did an interview with the man who filmed the video – Franklin Baxley – and determined that the man may not have been as blameless as he portrayed.

Indeed, social media went wild over the series of videos that began with a blond woman calling 911 about a humping dog and continued through the arrival of the police at the dog park.

“Why are you calling the cops right now? Because I told you I wasn’t leaving the park because my dog was humping your dog?” Baxley asked in the video.

The woman on the phone told police she was being verbally assaulted.

“I’m not verbally assaulting you!” Baxley argued in the video. “I told you I’m not leaving.”

“That’s inappropriate for the dog park,” the dog park volunteer told Baxley.

“I’ve seen every single dog humping another dog here. And she tells me to leave and now she’s calling the cops,” he continued.

“I’m like are you serious. Yo, I can’t wait, cuz this is crazy. You heard of Barbeque Becky? Because this is the newest one,” Baxley said in the video.

Barbecue Becky is a reference to a 2018 incident where a white woman called 911 on a black family that was barbecuing in Oakland, California, according to Newsweek.

In the video, when the woman began reading Baxley’s license plate number to the 911 dispatcher, he walked over and filmed her car.

He said he was doing it so he could identify her later.

The volunteer at the park continued harping on Baxley in the video, and repeatedly told him that his dog mounting another dog “aggressively” was against the rules.

“Your dog keeps humping my dog and assaulting him,” the blond woman told Baxley, setting the man off.

“My dog is humping your dog? Do you listen to yourself? Are you people serious?” Baxley asked.

A few minutes later, as they waited for the police to arrive, Baxley and the woman had another altercation.

In the video, he appeared to be following her across the park, making fun of her.

She told Baxley to go away and leave her alone, and he flipped out and said that she couldn’t tell him where he could go.

“Here is the one where she starts behaving as if she is threatened by me and is accusing me of following her around the park as I am following my dogs like any other dog owner. I was annoyed, so I began mocking her. Sorry, not sorry,” Baxley captioned the video when he posted it.

When police arrived on the scene, the officer tried to talk to the woman and Baxley separately, but neither of the involved parties could keep their mouths shut.

When the officer first approached Baxley, he informed him that it was illegal for him to leave his car running on the street next to the dog park’s entrance.

The video ended when Baxley went to turn his car off.

Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux said reaction to the video has been overblown.

Heroux said it was a simple dispute that was quickly resolved once police arrived and no charges had been filed in the matter, according to The Sun Chronicle.

Baxley posted all the videos to Facebook and accused the woman of calling the police only because he was black.

But Turtleboy Sports interviewed Baxley soon after his videos went viral, and discovered why the woman in the dog park may have been afraid of the angry man.

During the interview, Baxley explained why his car was parked running by the gate.

He said that when he first arrived at the park with his pit bull, Dusse, and his cousin’s pit bull, Bel Air, nobody else was there.

So he let the dogs run off leash from the car into the dog park, and then he went back to his car.

“I was sitting in my car cuz it was 14 degrees so I was trying to stay warm… again another technical rule violation. You’re supposed to be out in the park. Again, that’s for when other people are there,” Baxley told Turtleboy Sports.

He said that when the blond woman arrived, he went back inside the fenced area to control his dogs while she entered the park with hers.

Baxley also admitted to Turtleboy Sports that he had broken the rules when he left his dogs’ leashes in his car.

Dog park rules require owners to keep their leashes in hand at the dog park for safety reasons, he explained.

When Turtleboy Sports commented on how well Baxley argued, he told them that he was a disbarred attorney.

Further research revealed that Baxley has a checkered past that included drugs and violence.

Baxley was arrested and charged by the Providence Police in 2012 for the manufacture and distribution of drugs on school grounds. He served a short prison sentence for the crime, Turtleboy Sports reported.

He was arrested and charged with multiple crimes in 2018 including felony assault, larceny, domestic simple assault, and domestic disorderly conduct.

Three days after his radio interview, Baxley was arrested on drug charges, again, Turtleboy Sports reported.

Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Spokesman Jake Wark said he was charged with trafficking more than 18 grams of heroin and possession with intent to distribute a Class B substance (subsequent offense).

Wark said the Class B substance was alleged to be oxycodone pills, Turtleboy Sports reported.

Baxley was ordered held at the Nashua Street jail in Boston on a $50,000 cash bail. If he is released, the judge ordered that he must wear an electronic monitoring device.

Watch a compilation of Baxley’s videos below:

Tom Gantert - March Thu, 2019


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