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VIDEO: Woman Beaten Unconscious, Left On Sidewalk, Passersbys Stop For Selfies And Rob Her

A Pittsburgh woman was attacked and left unconscious on the sidewalk, while people walked by and made fun of her, instead of calling 911.

Pittsburgh, PA – Surveillance video captured a violent attack on a woman, who was left unconscious on a sidewalk (video below.)

The surveillance video also showed several people stopping, taking videos of the woman, taking selfies with her unconscious body, and then stealing her phone, according to KDKA.

Nobody called 911 to request help for the woman, according to investigative reporter Marty Griffin at KDKA, who received the tip about the story.

Griffin reported that the incident occurred in the Beechview area, about a month ago.

The video showed a man approach the victim, who has not been identified.

The attacker kicked her leg out from under her, and then punched her in the face.

The woman fell to the sidewalk unconscious, and her assailant walked away.

A young man then walked up, pulled out his phone, and took a video. Four other young people did the same thing.

Griffin, the host of “Get Marty,” said what happened after the woman was attacked is even more disturbing.

Passersby who saw the woman didn’t attempt to assist her in any way, but instead made a mockery of her, and robbed her.

“They didn’t help her. They took what looks like her phone, while she’s out cold. Nobody called 911 to help her,” Griffin said.

The source also said that the group of young people came back, and that “a kid lays beside her and takes a selfie,” Griffin reported.

The woman remained on the sidewalk, never receiving any assistance, until she regained consciousness, got up, and left.

After he received the video, Griffin went to Broadway Avenue in Beechview, and found the woman from the video.

She was an addict with multiple arrests on her record, mostly for drug offenses.

Initially, the woman wanted nothing to do with Griffin.

However, her mother intervened and was able to get her daughter to talk to the investigative reporter who wanted to help her.

She told her mother that someone would kill her if she didn’t get out of the situation she was in, Griffin said.

Her mother told Griffin that she would do anything to help her daughter, but that she was raising her granddaughter, and the granddaughter came first.

In a series of text messages, Griffin asked the woman if she wanted help, and offered to get her into rehab.

Dr. Neil Capretto of Gateway Rehab watched the video and got involved.

“She’s lying there like somebody just hit a deer, is lying there on the side of the road. It’s like a sideshow in a circus. This is a human being,” Capretto said.

He agreed to help the woman, and she was admitted to the rehab facility that same day.

“They deserve to be helped. This is my oath to help people who are sick. I, as a physician, this is my oath to help people who are sick. She’s sick and she needs help,” he said.

Her mother was grateful for the intervention.

“I didn’t think I would really see this day in my life. I really don’t know how to thank you and Dr. Capretto,” she texted Griffin.

“The police also were very helpful. I’ve never really experienced anything like this before. It really does take a village. Forever grateful to you all,” she texted.

The Pittsburgh Police Department believe they know who the suspect is, and are continuing to investigate, Griffin said.

They believe the woman was targeted because she had been talking about details of a friend who had died of a heroin overdose.

She was recently released from the rehab facility into a “three-quarter” house, where she will get a job, and learn how to live a sober lifestyle, according to texts from her mother.

You can see the video of the attack and the aftermath below:

GinnyReed - October Fri, 2017


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