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VIDEO: Woman Attacks Cop, Then Cries That She’s Pregnant And Cop Beat Her

A 24-year-old California woman's pregnancy didn't stop her from attacking a deputy.

Rosamond, CA – A pregnant woman who attacked a Kern County sheriff’s deputy outside her home on Wednesday has leveled allegations that the deputy used excessive force and beat her (video below).

A neighbor recorded a portion of the encounter between deputies and 24-year-old Jessica Marciel, but the video did not show the series of events that led up to the altercation, nor how the situation concluded.

Kern County deputies responded to Marciel’s residence after they received a report that her dogs had been left out in the intense heat, KTLA reported.

Marciel said that her boyfriend began to argue with the deputies about the allegations, KGET reported.

“They’re abusing their authority and they’re treating us like criminals when they’re not even letting us talk or anything,” she complained to KTLA.

The details of the argument between Marciel’s boyfriend and the deputy were unclear, but the deputy was already on the ground in a physical altercation with the man when the video began.

Marciel was standing directly above the fight, most of which was obscured by a bench.

A second deputy suddenly ran to assist his colleague, and shoved Marciel away from the fray.

“Don’t be f – – – – – g pushing me!” she yelled, as she charged back towards the deputy.

He shoved her away again, at which point Marciel took a swing at him, the video showed.

Marciel said she recalled the events differently.

“And he just came from behind and he just pushed me. He tackled me,” she claimed in an interview with KTLA. “And when I turned around and I told him, ‘Don’t touch me, I’m pregnant,’ he tried and hit me again and I backed up and I put my hand up in the air and I told him, ‘Don’t touch me, I’m pregnant,’ and he hit me again.”

Marciel flailed her arms as the deputy tried to hold her away from the altercation between the initial deputy and her boyfriend, the video showed.

“She’s pregnant!” her boyfriend repeatedly yelled, although it seemed to have little effect on Marciel’s willingness to stop fighting with the deputy.

“He started banging on my head and started pulling my hair and he took out his stick and he started hitting me with the stick,” Marciel told KTLA. “And the whole time he’s doing that, I’m still screaming, ‘I’m pregnant! Let go of me! Stop hitting me!’”

Although the deputy did have his baton in his hand, he did not strike Marciel with the tool as she alleged, the video showed.

The deputy forced Marciel’s upper body forward while he attempted to gain control of her hands.

At one point, the video commentator alleged that the deputy “just freakin’ socked her so many times in her stomach,” but the video showed no such action.

The video ended before Marciel and her boyfriend had been taken into custody.

According to KTLA, Marciel claimed that she and Sanchez were both arrested, as well as the bystander who recorded the incident.

She also claimed that the deputies confiscated their cell phones.

“We are aware of the video and are currently reviewing it,” Kern County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Michael Deleon told KTLA on Thursday. “It is an ongoing criminal investigation.”

Marciel argued that the deputies overreacted and said she planned to file a complaint against them with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

“They’re supposed to protect us and instead of doing that, they’re just hurting us,” she told KTLA.

Marciel said she also had a sonogram following the altercation and that her baby was not injured.

You can watch the deputy’s encounter with Marciel and her boyfriend in the video below:

HollyMatkin - June Sun, 2018


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