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VIDEO: VA Gun Control Expert Shows Dumbfounding Ignorance Of How Guns Work

Virginia Delegate Mark Levine has introduced a bill to ban "assault firearms," but has no idea what they are.

Alexandria, VA – A Democratic Virginia legislator’s complete lack of firearms knowledge was on full display when he stopped by a town hall meeting to speak about his push to ban “assault weapons” (video below).

According to Virginia Delegate Mark Levine, the factor that sets “assault weapons” apart from “hunting rifles” lies in “how you hold the gun.”

During a town hall meeting at the Mount Vernon Community School on Jan. 25, Levine also took aim at “high-capacity magazines,” which he claimed become “red-hot” when they are seated into a weapon that’s being actively fired.

He said that “silencers” are another problem, because they muffle gunshots to the point that deer can still understand that a round has been fired, but people cannot.

Weapons with “bayonet mounts” are also concerning features of these “weapons of war,” he added.

Levine said that the goal of HB961 is to “distinguish hunting weapons, weapons used for self-defense, weapons used for sports shooting, from weapons that are the preferred weapons for mass shooters.”

He claimed that mass shooters don’t like “hunting rifles,” because “someone could hit the rifle butt against their head.”

“Deer don’t do this. Elk don’t do this,” he noted. “But humans trying to save their [own] lives do this.”

Levine said that it is “very hard to shoot people fast” using a hunting rifle.

“The assault weapons ban is largely about mass murder,” he said. “What we find is, there’s certain weapons that mass shooters prefer to use – basically the same kind of weapons, modified weapons from weapons of war – and what they do is, they kill a lot of people fast.”

What sets “assault weapons” apart from other firearms, Levine declared, swinging his arm left to right as if he was spraying the audience with bullets, is a “pistol grip.”

With semi-automatic weapons, gunmen are also able to “shoot with each finger,” according to the delegate.

“Guns that go like this are wildly inaccurate,” he continued, as people in the audience began to laugh at him. “That’s why hunters don’t like them.”

Levine said that mass shooters aren’t worried about accuracy, and that they just want to fire as many rounds as possible.

“You may know that in Dayton, the shooter got off some 75 rounds in less than 30 seconds,” he falsely claimed.

In actuality, the Dayton shooter fired 41 rounds in 30 seconds using a semiautomatic weapon, The Daily Wire reported.

Levine said that “assault weapons” are the weapon-of-choice for the military because they can “mow down an approaching army,” but he failed to note that the military uses fully-automatic weapons that have been banned for purchase by the general public since 1986.

“They’re not useful for hunting. They’re also not useful for self-defense,” he said. “The best weapons for self-defense in your home? A shotgun!”

Levine told the audience that HB961 was created to “mirror” the federal assault weapons ban of 1994 – a ban that he referred to as a “tremendous success” with regards to “reducing the number of mass murders nationwide.”

According to two Department of Justice studies, the ban had little-to-no effect, because the firearms that were banned were not generally used by criminals in the first place, The Daily Wire reported.

The National Rifle Association posted footage of Levine’s bumbling presentation to Twitter, calling the presentation “pathetic.”

“He knows nothing about what he’s trying to ban,” Gun Owners of America Senior Vice President Erich Pratt told the Washington Examiner. “Obviously, he’s watched too many movies…It definitely showed ignorance, and he out-and-out lied about the facts.”

Virginia Citizens Defense League spokesperson Phil Van Cleave agreed.

“It’s clear that he’s way out of his league, and he’s the one trying to make law,” Van Cleave told the Washington Examiner.

You can watch Levine’s town hall presentation in the video below:

Holly Matkin - January Fri, 2020


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