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VIDEO: Teen Carjacks Cop, Gets Whoopin’, Back At It Again Days Later

A Texas Marshal caught a teen who tried to carjack him in Chicago and held him for Chicago police.

​Chicago IL – A teenage boy, who was arrested when he attempted to carjack a Texas Marshal on Friday, was found with a gun and another stolen vehicle less than 48 hours later, police said.

Retired Chicago police officer Ricky Fobbs, 54, served 20 years with the police department before he became a Texas Marshall in Dallas, WBBM reported.

Marshal Fobbs said that he and his girlfriend, Sherry Randle, were preparing to check into a nearby hotel just after 7 p.m. on Friday.

As the marshal unloaded luggage from his vehicle, a male slipped into the driver’s seat of his car, and attempted to drive away, WGN reported.

“My reaction was, ‘I gotta stop him,’” Marshal Fobbs told WBBM.

He chased the car down, pulling a 15-year-old boy from the vehicle.

“When he reached once for his pocket, I grabbed his hand and did a wrist-lock on his hand,” Marshal Fobbs explained. “A lot of grappling, take-down moves to keep him from squirming and from resisting.”

As the marshal struggled with the suspect on the ground, his accomplices tried to run the officer over, WGN reported.

Strangers jumped in to help the marshal, and drivers positioned their vehicles to prevent the car from being able to leave the parking lot. A man in a wheelchair even parked himself in the car’s path, WBBM reported.

One bystander recorded a video of the incident, which showed Marshal Fobbs as he held the suspect on the ground.

“You see the citizen’s holding the guy’s leg,” Randle noted as she watched the video.

Police arrived at the scene and ultimately arrested three juvenile males – aged 14, 15, and 17 – who were later released to their parents.

All three were charged with felony counts of unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle, vehicular hijacking, and attempted aggravated battery using a deadly weapon, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

The 14- and 15-year-old faced an additional charge of aggravated battery in a public place, while the 15-year-old received one other count of unlawful vehicular invasion.

According to Chicago Police Department (CPD) spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, the boys were using another stolen vehicle when they attempted to steal Marshal Fobbs’ car.

Despite the multitude of charges against him, their release left them back on the streets.

One of the teens was arrested again on Sunday night in the Englewood neighborhood, Guglielmi said.

The teen was armed, and was found inside yet another stolen vehicle.

You can see the video of Marshal Fobbs holding down the carjacker below:

HollyMatkin - February Mon, 2018


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