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VIDEO: Store Employee Curses Out Teen For MAGA Hat, Didn’t Expect Mom To Step In

A Vans store employee in Kansas told a teen boy to remove his MAGA hat and then cursed at him when he wouldn't.

Overland Park, KS – A major clothing store stepped up to the plate and fired an employee who cursed at a 14-year-old boy wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat (video below).

The incident occurred when a teenage boy went into the Vans store in the Overland Park Mall and encountered an employee who was offended by his red MAGA baseball cap.

The Vans employee told him to take off his hat, and when the teen did not comply, he told him “f–k you,” according to the explanation of the events that his mother gave the store manager.

The boy left the store and told his mother that what had happened, and they returned to the store so she could sort out the situation.

A video of the boy’s mother confronting the store employee was posted to Twitter on Feb. 17 by conservative commentator Ryan Fournier.

“He did nothing to you,” the mother told the employee in the video. “What did you say to my son, to my 14-year-old?”

“I’m sure he’s heard it before,” the employee replied, admitting that the accusation was true.

The video showed the mother got frustrated and went up to the register to talk to the manager, with her son, another mom, and another kid who was filming on a cell phone trailing behind her.

She told the manager that the employee had told her son to remove his hat and had cursed at him.

The mother explained she had returned to sort the matter out but was unsatisfied with her results after dealing with the employee.

“I came in to have a very decent discussion with him and once again got totally disrespected by him. It’s all on your video,” she told the Vans store manager in the video.

“I tried to have a very respectful, very respectful conversation with him and it was disgusting how it was handled, to 14-year-old children that did nothing to him. And then he came up and got into the face of one of them also,” she continued.

At that point, she asked the manager for contact information for Vans corporate offices, and the manager gave it to her.

She also asked for the offensive employees name and the manager readily provided it, the video showed.

Vans is a manufacturer of skateboarding shoes and other related apparel. It is based in Santa Ana, California.

The company told FOX News that the incident had been brought to their attention, and said that employee had been terminated.

Fournier, who initially shared the video, said he’d been in touch with the family in the video and shared and update on Twitter.

“I just spoke to the mother in the video,” Fournier tweeted. “Their family is extremely grateful for all of the love and support that has been pouring in and wanted to thank Vans for their fast response. She was standing up for her son who just wanted to wear his MAGA hat. Amazing mom.”

There has recently been a string of assaults on people wearing MAGA hats.

An Oklahoma high school student is facing potential charges after he slapped a MAGA hat off a younger student and tore off the Trump 2020 flag the boy was wearing.

Kenneth Jones, 18, may face assault charges in the premeditated attack.

A witness told police that Jones asked her to film the altercation he was about to initiate on her cell phone.

The entire assault was also captured on the school’s security cameras.

On Feb. 15, an illegal immigrant attacked a customer wearing a MAGA hat in a bar at a Massachusetts Mexican restaurant.

Rosiane Santos knocked Bryton Turner’s baseball cap off his head several times, and also pulled the hat down over his face.

Eventually, the bartender called the police and Santos was arrested.

She is now facing possible deportation.

Watch the mother confront the employee in the video below:

Tom Gantert - March Sat, 2019


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