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VIDEO: Store Clerk Has Heart Attack In Front Of Teens, So They Rob Him

Two teenage boys left a convenience store clerk to die of a heart attack while they robbed the store.

Auburn, WA – Two teenaged boys ignored a gas station clerk who collapsed in front of them, and then proceeded to rob the store instead of calling 911 (video below).

Extremely disturbing video from inside a Shell station on Saturday afternoon showed that two teens and another adult man did nothing to help Zarif Kelada when he had a heart attack and dropped to the floor in front of them.

Auburn police said the incident began when two young men entered the convenience store at the gas station with an adult male at about 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 8, FOX News reported.

In the video of the incident, captured by the Shell station’s surveillance cameras, the man was standing at the counter near the cash register as the two boys stood behind them in a manner that implied they were all together.

One of the boys helped himself to a pepperoni stick from the counter, and then handed another to his friend. They both began munching and Kelada attempted to charge the man at the counter for their snacks,

The man refused, and one of the teens tried to give Kelada a dollar, police said.

An angry Kelada walked around the counter to confront the boys up close, and the video showed them arguing.

Then Kelada turned and walked away, making it only a couple of steps before he collapsed into a water display and then fell to the ground, the video showed.

"He was saying ‘This is wrong and you have to pay for it.’ And at this point, he stepped back to behind the counter and that’s when he collapsed," store manager Angela Sharapova told KOMO.

Neither the teenagers, nor the adult man who was also present, called 911 or offered any help to the fallen store clerk, the video showed.

The video showed they all left the convenience store, but one of the boys stopped on the way out to snatch his dollar bill out of Kelada’s hand.

Then the boys returned to the store and helped themselves to some cigarettes and $178 from the cash register, according to police.

The video showed the boys both reaching into the register, after one of them actually jumped the counter to get on the other side.

They left, but returned again a couple more times to steal, actually stepping over Kaleda’s body in the process, the video showed.

Three minutes after the two teens left for the last time, another customer walked in and found the clerk on the floor.

"He asked the people that were outside at the pump to call 911; he rushed back inside and started performing CPR on the [clerk]," Sharapova told KOMO. "I don't know who these people are, but they are the true angels."

Police said they have identified the three suspects and have reached out to the public for assistance in locating the teenagers.

Officers have already interviewed the man featured in the video and have determined he was not associated with the boys.

“It just blows my mind. It breaks our hearts,” Sharapova said. “We can’t believe that this happened… Now this guy is fighting for his life. He has three little children. He has a stay-at-home wife. We just pray to God that he makes it."

Kelada remained on life support in critical condition as of Wednesday, KOMO reported.

Police have not said what charges may be filed against the two boys or the adult male featured in the video.

You can see the surveillance video below:

Tom Gantert - September Wed, 2018


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