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VIDEO: State Rep Slams Into Guardrail, Tells Cops She’s Famous Before DUI Arrest

Michigan State Representative Rebekah Warren was arrested for driving with a BAC of .212.

Auburn Hills, MI – A Michigan legislator told officers that she was “going to be the most famous arrest you’ve ever made” as she was busted for drunken driving (video below).

Michigan State Representative Rebekah Warren was stopped by an officer on Interstate 75 at about 11:18 p.m. on Dec. 26, 2019 after he saw her slam into a guardrail on the highway, MLive reported.

Dashcam video from the officer’s car showed Warren traveling at a high rate of speed when she cut in front of a car in the right lane, then continued into the emergency lane where she sideswiped the concrete barrier before bouncing back into traffic lanes.

That was when the officer, who happened to be behind her turned, on his lights and stopped the car, the video showed.

The officer approached the Jeep and spoke with Warren, and then he asked her to get out of her vehicle and walk back to his patrol vehicle.

Dashcam video showed a very unsteady Warren stumbling her way toward the police car.

Warren told the officer that she had drunk two-to-three glasses of wine while she was out friends “like a minute ago.”

Additional officers arrived on the scene to back up the officer and Warren demanded to know who they were, the video showed.

The officer explained the other officers were there to help keep them safe beside the busy roadway, but that didn’t satisfy the elected official.

“But who’s taking videos of this?” Warren asked in the video. “Because at some point, everyone wants to take videos of this, but, like, one, two, three, four. You have four friends. I’m all alone.”

“All of a sudden, you have five friends and I’m all alone,” she complained. “I kind of want to call some of my friends.”

Warren demanded to be introduced to all of the officers on the scene, the video showed.

The first two officers explained that the other three were from Oakland County and had stopped to assist them in keeping the scene safe.

Warren appeared to be upset the incident was being filmed.

“Do you understand there’s going to be a moment where we’re both going to be on TV, and it’s gonna be, like, ‘Senator from Ann Arbor’s career’s over,’?” Warren asked. “I just don’t want this on the camera for my future. Just don’t ruin my career.”

She told officers she didn’t remember hitting the wall on the side of the interstate.

Warren’s field sobriety tests gave officers probable cause that she was impairs. She refused to take a breath test, MLive reported.

But after she was taken into custody, officers took her to McLaren Hospital and got a warrant for a blood test, WXYZ reported.

Test revealed Warren had a blood alcohol level of .212 – three times the legal limit of .08 in Michigan – qualifying her as “super-drunk,” according to WDIV.

Warren was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and for refusing to take a blood test, according to WDIV.

She was released on a $500 cash personal bond.

Watch video of the arrest below:

Tom Gantert - February Sun, 2020


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