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VIDEO: Smug Congressional Candidate Livestreams Himself Resisting Arrest

A recently-defeated congressional candidate live-streamed on social media as he resisted arrest on Saturday.

Springboro, OH – A former Republican congressional candidate failed to stop for police, and then broadcasted on Facebook Live as he resisted arrest on Saturday night (video below).

Springboro Police Lieutenant Dan Bentley released a statement on Tuesday that said an officer had attempted to stop Samuel Ronan on the evening of June 9, after he was observed driving in an “unsafe manner.”

Ronan, who was defeated by U.S. Representative Steve Chabot in the GOP primary in May, ignored the officer’s lights and siren and continued to drive, police said.

He led the Springboro officer on a brief pursuit before pulling into an apartment complex, where he ultimately stopped and parked his vehicle, according to the statement.

At that point, dashcam video showed Ronan jumped out of his car and walked aggressively toward the officer, with his cell phone held in his right hand as he broadcasted the exchange on Facebook Live.

The officer told him repeatedly to get on the ground, as the wanna-be politician lectured the cop for the benefit of his Facebook audience.

“Whatever the issue is, you yelling at me and threatening me to get on the ground is not relevant,” Ronan smugly said to the officer in the video.

“Get on the ground,” the officer ordered him repeatedly.

“No, I’m absolutely not getting on the ground,” Ronan responded.

At that point, the videos showed the officer attempt to take Ronan into custody.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ronan yelled.

“Let go of me. Let go of me! What is the problem?” he asked in the video as he continued to actively resist arrest.

At that point, the video showed the officer pulled out his Taser and point it at the belligerent suspect.

“Get on the ground. Your last chance – get on the ground!” the officer ordered him.

“You’re going to stun me? You do realize you’re on live right now? You’re on live,” Ronan taunted the officer.

The officer continued to order Ronan to the ground, as he radioed for his backup to pick up the pace, the video showed.

“Get on the ground!” the officer ordered him again.

“No!” Ronan responded, sounding like a petulant child in the video. Then he proceeded to tell the officer he wasn’t in a police state and had no obligation to get on the ground, the video showed.

At that point, the officer holstered his Taser and took the suspect to the ground with his hands. The video showed Ronan continued resisting.

“I am not resisting. I am defending myself from being assaulted by someone who claims to be an officer,” Ronan told his Facebook Live audience as he fought with the uniformed officer.

That was when the first officer’s backup arrived. With the second officer’s assistance, they were able to wrestle Ronan into a prone position and put his hands in cuffs.

Dashcam video from the second officer’s patrol vehicle showed Ronan fighting with the first officer when he pulled up on the scene.

“Sir, you are using excessive force. You are both using excessive force. I want your badge number,” Ronan complained as he was taken into custody.

Then, in the video, he told the officers he was U.S. Air Force and had sworn to protect and defend his country.

He also lectured them on use of force techniques, calling one of them “Officer Big Buff Guy,” and reminding the officers that they were on Facebook Live.

In the video, his rant and demands for his “stuff” can be heard fading into the distance as officers marched the handcuffed man over to a patrol vehicle.

Eventually, one of the officers returned and picked up Ronan’s cell phone, ending the live broadcast.

Ronan was charged with failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, obstructing official business, and resisting arrest, according to the statement from police.

The Facebook Live video showing evidence of his crimes was no longer available on Ronan’s Facebook page, although it was preserved by others on YouTube. He replaced it on Tuesday afternoon with message to his friends about the situation.

“At this time I am released from Warren County Jail. I will not be giving a statement today about the arrest. Today is a day to spend with my family and friends. I will not be on FaceBook or any social media platform for a while, my Messenger remains active, please text or email me,” Ronan wrote.

“Also, If you can offer advice on an attorney for my case I would however, greatly appreciate it,” he posted.

Lt. Bentley said he couldn’t give further comment on the details of the incident because the matter was still under investigation, but he thanked the community for their outpouring of support after the initial release of Ronan’s Facebook Live video.

You can watch what happened in a series of videos below. Scroll down for more.

SandyMalone - June Tue, 2018


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