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Video Shows Fatal Shooting Of Suspect After He Opens Fire On Portland Cops

Portland, OR – A bystander recorded cell phone video on Monday of a Portland police officer shooting an armed domestic violence suspect who had just shot at her while resisting arrest (video below).

The incident occurred just after midnight on July 25 when officers responded to a call about a couple who were having a physical altercation near Southeast 148th Avenue and Southeast Clinton Street, KATU reported.

Cell phone video filmed by Oregon CopWatch News showed two officers approaching the male suspect on a sidewalk to take him into custody.

The video showed the man sat down on a wall and pulled away from officers.

The woman who appeared to be with him approached the officers from behind and was told by both of them to “step back,” the video showed.

When the officers stood the suspect up and tried to put his hands behind his back, the man twisted and resisted.

The video showed the female officer went to the ground with the suspect on his back, still fighting.

The male officer joined her on the ground just before the suspect fired a shot, the video showed.

After the shot, both officers continued to struggle with the suspect as the person who was filming the video approached and asked if they needed help.

The female suspect stood over the officers screaming “stop it stop it stop it!” as her partner continued to fight with the officers who were trying to disarm him, the video showed.

The female officer drew her firearm and the video showed she pointed it at the side of the armed suspect who continued to violently resist the officers.

The video showed the suspect reached out and grabbed the female officer’s hand that was holding the gun and the officer opened fire.

The male officer jumped off the suspect and away as the female officer fired six rounds at the armed man, the video showed.

The suspect’s female partner backed up screaming and then ran to her wounded friend and fell upon him sobbing.

The bystanders who were filming the incident backed away from the scene, telling police that they were trying to help the female officer, the video showed.

Then the men discussed selling their videos of the “officer-involved shooting” and got out of the area before more officers arrived who might detain them as witnesses.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, KATU reported.

The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) Homicide Unit is investigation the incident.

The police department will also launch an internal review of the officer-involved shooting, KATU reported.

The officer who shot the armed suspect has been identified as Portland Police Officer Mina Cavalli-Singer, an almost five-year veteran of the PPB, KPTV reported.

“I’m glad our officers are okay, and this highlights how dangerous this job can be,” PPB Chief Chuck Lovell told reporters after he responded to the shooting scene.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below. WARNING – Graphic Content:

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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