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VIDEO: Security Guard Shoves Much Larger Customer Inside Tulsa QuikTrip

Cell phone video captured the moment when a heated argument between a security guard and a customer turned into a brawl.

Tulsa, OK – An Oklahoma activist group is calling for a criminal investigation after video surfaced that showed a physical altercation between a QuikTrip security guard and a customer (video below).

We the People Oklahoma has demanded that police determine whether or not the private security guard who appeared in the video is also a sworn law enforcement officer, Tulsa World reported.

“If it is found that the security officer has [Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training] certification, we call for a review and possible revocation of his certification due to alleged recklessness leaving his firearm unattended followed by unnecessary use of force with an apparently unarmed black man,” the activist group said, according to Tulsa World.

The incident occurred on Sunday night at a QuikTrip store on Garnett and 11th, KOTV reported.

Jasmine Cooper, who recorded the fight with her cell phone, said that she was inside the store when she heard the security guard and a customer yelling at each other.

“We were getting a drink and I started hearing yelling and we look over and this guy is just yelling at the security guard,” she told KOTV.

It was unclear what transpired prior to the argument.

The video showed the security guard and a man in a black tank top arguing at the front counter of the store.

“I will have your job, and your son’s job, and your b—h be suckin’ my d–k,” the customer told the guard.

“You took your weapon off, dislodged your firearm, then you left it sittin’ on the f–king ground, stupid!” the customer yelled.

The security guard took a step towards the man and told him to “back the f–k off,” at which point the customer invited him to call the police to the scene.

The customer told him that his brother is a law enforcement officer, and that he was sitting right outside.

The security guard then stepped forward and shoved the man backwards into a display case, the video showed.

“Don’t get in my f–king face, b—h!” the guard told him.

“I ain’t in your face,” the man replied, just before he punched the security guard in his head.

The men continued to tussle and delivered several blows as multiple other customers jumped in and tried to pull them apart.

A second video showed the customer walking towards the store exit, when the security guard suddenly deployed an expandable baton.

Other customers stood in between the men as the video ended.

Police responded to the store, but did not release details regarding what transpired, Tulsa World reported.

QuikTrip Spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said that the company is looking into the altercation.

“We don’t like to have any disturbance in our store, period,” Thornbrugh told KOTV. “We would rather wait for all the facts, but, obviously, what we saw we don’t like.”

The security guard is a part-time employee of Diamond Security, he said.

“We are in communication with the private security company to discuss the incident, and once we get all the facts, we will further those conversations with them,” Thornbrugh told Tulsa World on Monday.

“We at that store employ security 24 hours a day, and we also employ off-duty law enforcement there to supplement the security,” he added.

We the People Oklahoma has demanded that QuikTrip release the security guard’s name, as well as store surveillance footage of the incident, KOKI reported.

The activist group has also asked police and the district attorney’s office to launch an investigation into the altercation.

You can watch cell phone footage of the incident in the videos below:

Holly Matkin - November Tue, 2018


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