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VIDEO: Robbery Suspect Takes Down Cop, Gets Destroyed In Fight Over Gun

Armed robbery suspect John Feggins was fatally shot after he attacked Baltimore Police Officer Ryan Glass.

Baltimore, MD – Security footage captured the moment when an armed robbery suspect grabbed a gun and knocked a Baltimore police officer to the pavement outside a Rite Aid store (video below).

The violent altercation occurred in the 6300-block of York Road at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 30, WBAL reported.

Security footage showed Baltimore Police Officer Ryan Glass as he pulled up behind a vehicle parked outside the store.

The driver, 24-year-old John Feggins, was wanted in connection with an armed robbery that occurred at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore weeks before, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Officer Glass radioed that he was approaching the suspect as he stepped out of his patrol car and made his way to the driver’s side window of Feggins’ vehicle, bodycam footage showed.

The men greeted one another cordially before Officer Glass asked the suspect for his driver’s license and to shut of his vehicle.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” Feggins asked the officer.

Officer Glass instructed the suspect to step out of the car, at which point Feggins began moving around inside the vehicle.

The officer told him to stop, and Feggins exited the car a moment later.

The suspect pulled away from the officer briefly, and denied having any weapons when asked.

The officer appeared to check Feggins’ torso for weapons, but when he started to place him in handcuffs, the suspect spun around and asked to “talk to the boss,” the video showed.

Officer Glass held off on handcuffing him, and told him to sit down in the driver’s seat.

Feggins listened in while the officer received a directive over his radio to take Feggins and his vehicle into custody.

“I’m wanted? For what, though?” the suspect asked, rising to his feet.

Officer Glass held him back, and Feggins sat down again briefly before he suddenly slammed himself into the officer, knocking his bodycam off.

The force of the impact sent both men sailing across the pavement, just as Baltimore Police Officer Joel Hawk pulled up at the scene.

Feggins, who had a gun gripped in his right hand, landed on top of Officer Glass, security footage showed.

During the ensuing struggle, the officer managed to force Feggins’ right hand into the air as he flipped the suspect onto his back.

Officer Hawk jumped into the melee, and the officers worked together to disarm the suspect.

Baltimore Police Deputy Commissioner Brian Nadeau said that three rounds were fired during the brawl, but that investigators are still trying to determine whether or not Feggins discharged his weapon, the Baltimore Sun reported.

At least one of the rounds struck the suspect, and he was later pronounced dead, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told WBAL shortly after the altercation.

“The officers, from what we saw in this video, the officer was very professional, very poised, until the struggle ensued,” Commissioner Harrison said. “The officers were out here doing their job. They were engaged following a lead that was given to them.”

“The subject launched at the officer with a gun in his hand,” he continued. “There was a struggle that ensued, and that struggle took both of them to the ground.”

Commissioner Harrison said that the officers discharged their weapons “in an attempt to prevent the subject from shooting himself, the police officers, and others in the area,” WBAL reported.

The suspect’s gun was recovered at the scene.

Both officers suffered injuries during the brawl, and one of them had his tooth knocked out, WBFF reported.

They have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, as per protocol, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Deputy Commissioner Nadeau said that one reason the footage was being released was because the department “want[s] people to see what our officers go through,” WJZ reported.

You can watch footage of the officers’ encounter with Feggins in the video below. WARNING – Graphic Content:

Holly Matkin - November Fri, 2019


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