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VIDEO: Road Rage Box Cutter Attack Ends With Man Smashed Between Cars

A video captured by a witness showed two men fighting before one was able to drag the other between two vehicles.

Brooklyn, NY – An argument between two drivers in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn on Tuesday resulted in one driver pinning the other between his car and another vehicle (video below).

The incident began at about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday when two drivers were involved in a “minor traffic dispute” on McGuinness Boulevard by Norman Avenue, WABC reported.

The drivers of a black Toyota sedan and a white Kia sedan both got out of their cars and began arguing in the middle of the street.

A video filmed by a witness showed the driver of the Kia holding what witnesses said was a box cutter in his hand, according to News 12 Brooklyn.

In the video, he repeatedly slashed at the 21-year-old driver of the Toyota, without appearing to make contact.

The altercation moved into the empty turn lane next to the median and the men continued to scuffle, with the Kia driver wildly slashing at the Toyota driver as he bobbed and weaved just outside the other man’s reach, the video showed.

The brawl continued for about 30 seconds as other cars began honking at the men who were fighting, the video showed.

Suddenly, another man wearing a tie and a yarmulke intervened and the Kia driver took off between vehicles.

The video showed he went around to the other side of the Toyota, opened the door and reached inside to snatch the other man’s keys from the ignition.

Seeing what the Kia driver was up to, the Toyota driver opened his driver’s door and reach in to try and stop him. But his efforts were unsuccessful.

The Kia driver headed for his own car with the Toyota’s keys, as that car’s driver caught up with him.

The men scuffled next to the Kia, but the driver was able to jump into his car and pull the door closed, the video showed.

The Toyota’s driver wasn’t going to give up easily. The video showed he reached into the Kia with his entire upper body, and the man in the yarmulke tried to pull him away from the car from behind.

The video showed the driver of the Kia hit the gas with the other man still hanging out of his window.

As he accelerated, he sideswiped a black van on his left, smooshing the Toyota driver between the two vehicles.

The video showed the Kia driver did not stop, but continued forward, narrowing the space between his car and the van until the man in between the two vehicles was lifted in the air, literally out of his shoes, and dragged along the side of the van.

The Kia driver managed to shake him free as the Toyota driver was pushed up onto the hood of the van, and then fell to the sidewalk between the van and a car ahead of it. His shoes dropped to the sidewalk as the white Kia fled, the video showed.

As the Kia took off, part of its bumper dropped to the pavement, WABC reported.

Police were searching for the white Kia with Florida license places that was involved in the altercation.

The driver of the Toyota was transported to Woodhull Hospital where he was treated for bruises on his hip and cuts to his hand, News 12 Brooklyn reported.

Watch the Kia try to smash the man between cars in the video below:

Sandy Malone - July Wed, 2018


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