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VIDEO: ‘Rapper’ Arrested For Threatening Officers’ Children On Facebook Live

Police arrested Marlin Ostrom after he livestreamed threats against police officers, their wives, and their children.

Struthers, OH – A wanna-be rap star was arrested after he posted a six-minute Facebook live video threatening a police officer, his family, and the police department in general.

Marlin Ostrom, who goes FAC Marlo in his videos, livestreamed his profanity-laced rant about the police while the vehicle he had been driving was being towed away in the background of his video.

Struthers Police Chief Tim Roddy told WFMJ that the incident began when Ostrom was pulled over by officers for a traffic violation.

Officers quickly discovered that Ostrom had no driver’s license and no insurance, and that the person the car was registered to was not in the vehicle, Chief Roddy said. So they impounded it.

In the video he livestreamed after he was left to wait in the parking lot for a friend to pick him up, Ostrom claimed that the traffic stop had been racially-motivated.

He claimed he had a valid license and called the Struthers police “haters,” and said he was filing a complaint against both “d–kheads.”

Ostrom, 24, ranted that everywhere he goes in Ohio he gets “f–ked with” by police.

“They told me I couldn’t stand by the car, which I know my rights. So if they had taken me to jail, they would’ve had a big lawsuit against them… do you understand that? Do you feel me?” Ostrom asked his invisible audience.

Then he began threatening the officers.

“You got me f–ked-up n—-r… You all dumba– n—-rs. And when I see them off-duty… I’m beatin’ the s–t outta them n—-rs,” Ostrom ranted into his phone as he filmed the video.

Then he got personal and proceeded to threaten the officers by name, before he went on to threaten their families, and specifically their children, the video showed.

“And I’m gonna assault their mother–king wife, how about that?… I’m gonna beat the s–t out of their kids… Officer Craig, I hope you see that shit because I’m gonna beat s–t out of your mother–kin kid when I see him. Or I’m gonna beat the s–t out of your daughter… and I’m saying it on live so everybody see this s–t… talking about blowing down on the cops, and all that s–t,” Ostrom threatened in the video.

The Struthers Police Department took the threats seriously and moved swiftly to arrest Ostrom.

“He called an officer by name, threatened to assault him, to assault family members. He threatened to assault the police department with guns and get friends to come down and shoot up the police department,” Chief Roddy said.

“And in this case, he called out the one officer, he called out his family, not by name, but mentioned a wife and daughter,” the chief told WFMJ. “It happens in this profession all the time and… But in this day and age you can’t take ’em lightly.”

Ostrom was arrested and charged with aggravated menacing, intimidating and driving under suspension.

He appeared in court on July 9 was ordered held on a $500,000 bond, according to WKBN-TV

Ostrom told the judge he makes his living posting his videos online, and tried to negotiate with the prosecutor over his bond.

“If it could like get lowered to at least like $100,000, I could afford that,” Ostrom said, according to WKBN.

You can see thee video below:

AndrewBlake - July Wed, 2018


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