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VIDEO: Protests Start After Cops Cleared In Shooting Of Armed Gang Member

A grand jury ruled the officers who shot Patrick "Pat Pat" Kimmons were justified on the same day police released video.

Portland, OR – Police released surveillance video that captured the police shooting of an armed gang member on the same day the grand jury ruled the officers were justified in their use of deadly force (video below).

Portland officers from the Central Precinct and the Gang Enforcement Team were patrolling the downtown entertainment district when they heard sounds of gunfire just after 3 a.m. on Sept. 30, according to The Oregonian.

Parking lot surveillance videos showed that the shooter, 27-year-old Patrick “Pat Pat” Kimmons, not only shot two people in front of the police, but he literally ran directly at responding officers.

Portland Police Department Spokesperson Officer Natasha Haunsperger said the officers “engaged” Kimmons, a known Rollin 60’s Crip gang member and convicted felon, near Harvey Milk Street and Southwest Third Avenue.

The video showed that a person near the back end of the parking lot, later identified as Kimmons, fired a gun at a group of people.

Then he ran across the parking lot, right at Portland Police Sergeant Garry Britt and Portland Police Officer Jeffrey Livingston, the video showed.

The video showed Kimmons ran between two cars and away from the officers, and then the officers fired at him several times.

The police investigation found that Sgt. Britt fired seven shots and Officer Livingston fired five, The Oregonian reported.

After Kimmons was shot, police provided first aid in the form of seals on his chest wounds and a tourniquet on his leg, according to the police report.

Kimmons was transported to OHSU Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

A black Chevrolet Camaro dropped Kimmons’ two gunshot victims off at the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center later in the morning.

One of the victims had been hit in the chest and was taken into surgery.

Police said Kimmons shot the two people just before he was shot by Sgt. Britt and Officer Livingston.

After two days of testimony, the grand jury ruled on Oct. 31 that the use of deadly force by Sgt. Britt and Officer Livingston was “a lawful act of self-defense and/or defense of a third person,” according to Oregon law, KGW reported.

Protesters have been blocking streets and wreaking havoc on traffic since the shooting, even though multiple witnesses said Kimmons had fired his weapon before the police.

It does not seem to matter to supporters that the dead man had a lengthy and violent criminal history and had shot two men seconds before being shot himself.

Kimmons was convicted of witness tampering in 2010, The Oregonian reported.

In 2011, he was convicted of possession of a firearm and delivery of cocaine.

Although he was court-ordered to stay away from gangs and gang activity as a condition of his sentence for his prior crimes, Kimmons and four other documented Crip gang members were arrested in 2013, following a report of multiple shots fired near the Grand Café, KATU reported.

Officers stopped the vehicle Kimmons and his cohorts were riding in and recovered a handgun from inside the car.

No one was injured during that shooting, and Kimmons was arrested for violation of his probation.

In April of 2014, Kimmons was the victim of a gang-related shooting, The Oregonian reported.

Protesting began even before Kimmons was dead, The Oregonian reported.

As officers arrived on the scene to back up Sgt. Britt and Officer Livingston, friends of the gang member surrounded the scene and threatened police.

“If one of my homies is dead, I’m gonna turn this city upside down,” one man told Portland Police Sergeant Charles Asheim, according to The Oregonian.

As news of Kimmons’ death spread, demonstrators flocked to the scene with “Black Lives Matter” signs and chanted the gunman’s name.

“Today Portland police killed another black man,” one protester tweeted.

The protests about Kimmons death continued sporadically throughout October, but made major headlines after protesters and antifa took over the streets and started directing traffic on Oct. 6.

Videos were released that showed demonstrators threatening drivers and damaging an elderly man’s vehicle as he tried to get away from them.

In an effort to head off another round of protests verging on riots, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office met with Kimmons’ mother, Letha Winston, on Wednesday morning before the verdict was announced and showed her the video footage, the Oregonian reported.

“The verdict is not justifiable,” Winston told reporters as she protested the grand jury’s findings outside the courthouse. “I’m gonna fight for my baby. How could you shoot a man after he already laid down flat?”

“The video that I see in the DA’s office, his hands was up. That’s the video that I see,” she claimed, alleging the Portland Police Bureau had somehow altered the video that was released to the public.

Police had also invited community leaders for a private viewing of the video and update on the investigation in hopes that they would try to quell the rising outrage from anti-police groups.

Thus far, those efforts appear to have been in vain as groups of protesters shut down blocks of Portland on Halloween. Kimmons’ supporters posted messages on social media asking other protesters to join them downtown.

You can see the video of the shooting below:

Sandy Malone - October Wed, 2018


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