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VIDEO: Police Rescue Bride From Flood On Wedding Day

Police in New Jersey rescued a bride and groom and their wedding party from a flooded limo on Saturday.

Bogota, NJ – Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, but a flood is another story entirely, as one bridal couple caught in a flood on Saturday quickly learned (video below).

Bogota police received a call for help at about 6 p.m. on Aug. 11 when a car carrying a bride and groom and their wedding party became stranded in rising flood waters, the North Jersey Record reported.

Officers responded to the intersection of Elm Avenue and River Road in a police Hummer to assist the couple and their friends.

Bystanders captured a video of the unusual rescue, which the Bogota Police Department shared on their official Facebook page.

In the video, Officer Michael Laferrera stood on top of the police vehicle which was itself submerged up to the headlights.

The bride could be seen standing up through the sunroof of the submerged limo, talking to the officer.

In the video, Officer Laferrera climbed over the side of the police Hummer and put one foot on the limo, as he extended a hand to the obviously nervous bride.

The bride took his hand and he began to pull her, but then they stopped, and the bride took off her wedding shoes and passed them to safety with the officer, one at a time. Then they tried again.

The bride stood up on the roof of the limo in her mermaid-style wedding gown as she held onto the officer’s hand. Then, with careful consideration for the dress, she stepped firmly across and into the back of the police rescue vehicle, the video showed.

Fortunately, dress, shoes and wedding gown all remained dry through the rescue, Bogota Police Sergeant Geoffrey Cole said.

"It was definitely a first for my career and his career," Sgt. Cole said of his and Officer Laferrera's experience rescuing the stranded bride.

Thanks to the efforts of the Bogota police, the wedding party was able to continue on and enjoy their festivities.

"They're in pretty decent spirits considering everything that happened," Sgt. Cole said. "The floods came so quickly, and that area's prone to flooding."

Much of New Jersey suffered through the weekend storms, but the sergeant said there is a brook about 50 feet beyond the intersection with a history of flooding that became problematic for the wedding couple.

"We definitely get people stuck often, but it was her wedding day, so it was a dynamic situation," Sgt. Cole said. "Nobody was worse for the wear, besides the vehicle."

Watch the fantastic rescue of a bride in distress in the video below:

Sandy Malone - August Thu, 2018


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