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VIDEO: Police K9 Latches On Suspect Without Command And Won’t Let Go

A police k9 latched onto a suspect without a command, and then refused to let go as his handler struggled with him.

Roswell, GA – A Roswell police K9 latched on to a suspect without being given a command, and then refused to let go (video below).

WXIA requested that Roswell police release video from Aug. 4, 2016 that showed a felony traffic stop by officers on a stolen Mitsubishi Galant.

The video, which was captured by the dashcam of the K9 officer, began as the K9 handler and his dog, K9 Robbie, arrived at the traffic stop.

In the video, the driver took off running to the right side of the screen and disappeared. The passenger ran to the left, directly in front of the police vehicle.

“Don’t run I’m going to send the dog,” the officer warned the passenger several times over his loudspeaker before he stepped out of his cruiser.

The 17-year-old suspect stopped and put one hand in the air, as he held his backpack in the other hand, the video showed.

K9 Robbie, a Belgian Malinois, entered the frame of the video barking, and his handler told him to “halt.” The dog stopped, facing his handler, and continued to bark, the video showed.

The suspect obeyed police commands and walked closer to the officers, and the dog. He sat down on a curb and put his hands in the air, the video showed.

Then in the video, as the K9 handler was reporting in to the dispatcher on his radio, K9 Robbie suddenly took it upon himself to apprehend the seated suspect.

The dog latched onto the suspect’s arm and the suspect jumped up and tried to pull away.

The K9 handler raced over to detach the dog from the suspect, but K9 Robbie proved to be uncooperative.

The dog ignored at least 20 commands to stop and release the suspect, WXIA reported.

The suspect screamed “ow!” at the top of his lung over and over again as he and the dog went in circles.

The K9 handler hooked a leash to K9 Robbie and disengaged him from the suspect’s arm, but then the leash failed and the dog was released. He immediately took off after the suspect again, the video showed.

The officer hooked up the dog’s leash and again pulled him off the suspect, as the suspect screamed.

The suspect was hospitalized with bite wounds, and arrested. But the charges were later dropped, according to WXIA.

K9 Robbie remained on active duty following the bite, and police officials said the dog had done nothing wrong.

“It troubles me that the K-9 did not release sooner than what he did,” Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant told WXIA.

The chief said the dog had received extra training after the incident because he had been transferred to another handler when his original K9 officer left Roswell to work for Homeland Security.

K9 Robbie has not bitten anyone in two years, police said.

An internal Response to Aggression Report showed the Roswell Police Department determined “no training issues observed” and the K9 “responded as he should,” WXIA reported.

The suspect never complained about the dog bite, but WXIA said that a Roswell police officer brought the two-year-old video to their attention because he “felt the public was at risk.”

The statute of limitations for the suspect to file suit expires in August, and the television station said it was trying to locate the suspect ahead of the filing deadline.

You can see the stop in the video below:

SandyMalone - July Fri, 2018


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