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VIDEO: On-Duty Deputy Shoots Ex-Girlfriend, Then Turns Gun On Himself

A deputy drove to his ex-girlfriend's place while on duty and shot her three times and then killed himself

Boynton Beach, Fla. – Police released surveillance footage of a county sheriff’s deputy shooting his ex-girlfriend in a parking lot and then committing suicide while he was in uniform and on duty. (Video below)

Police said the full video shows the entire incident, from the deputy shooting his ex-girlfriend and then turning the gun on himself.

The Boynton Beach Police Department released an edited version that showed the sheriff’s deputy approaching the ex-girlfriend and ending moments before the Oct. 12 shooting.

In the video, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael DeMarco got out of his unmarked sheriff’s car and followed Yuly Solano as he appeared to be talking to her.

Solano told police that DeMarco told her, “You treat me worse than a dog,” right before he shot her.

After going off-camera, the two appeared back in the video and DeMarco had a gun in his hand and Solano was retreating with her hand over her mouth.

DeMarco shot his ex-girlfriend once in the arm and twice in the chest. He then slumped and placed the handgun to his head.

Solano fully recovered from the shooting while DeMarco died at the scene.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Solano told police she’d ended their relationship a few weeks before the shooting “because he was being racist and very possessive of her.”

Solano told detectives she had planned to file formal complaints about DeMarco with the condo board and property managers but had not gotten around to it before the shooting, according to police documents released, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Solano and DeMarco had dated for about seven months, according to the New York Post. They had been broken up for a few weeks when the shooting occurred.

You can see the surveillance video here (shots edited out):

AndrewBlake - December Sat, 2017


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