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VIDEO: Oklahoma City Cops Ambushed By Armed Fugitive Hiding Beneath Mattress

Oklahoma City, OK – Bodycam footage captured the moment when an armed fugitive hiding in a storage area beneath a mattress opened fire on police inside a camper earlier this month (video below).

The incident began at approximately 10:25 a.m. on Nov. 15, when the Oklahoma City Police Department (OKCPD) received information that a suspect wanted for an out-of-state felony warrant was hiding out in a camper trailer located at 14000 Iron Road, the OKCPD said in the video release on Monday.

Police were told that the suspect, 38-year-old Timothy “Sammy” Johnson, was seen going into the camper and that he did not come back out, according to the OKCPD.

Officers responded to the scene and made contact with Jennifer Garner, a woman who lived in the trailer, FOX News reported.

Garner allegedly told the officers she was the only one there and gave them permission to search the residence.

“Sammy, this is the police department,” OKCPD Officer Elisa McCoy said as she and two other officers entered the camper. “If you are in here, you need to make yourself known.”

The officers quickly scanned the cluttered camper and did not see the suspect in plain sight, bodycam footage showed.

They then focused their attention on the bedroom area.

That’s when Officer McCoy and Officer David Mauck lifted up a mattress, revealing Johnson hiding in a storage area beneath it, the video showed.

The suspect quickly pulled a gun and fired at police.

Officer McCoy and Officer Mauck stumbled out of the camper and briefly retreated to safety, but OKCPD Sergeant Cody Rodgers was unable to follow them without potentially crossing into the suspect’s line of fire, bodycam footage showed.

Sgt. Rodgers fired multiple rounds at the bed and storage area using a rifle just before the suspect began yelling out.

The other two officers re-entered the trailer a moment later and ordered Johnson – who was still inside the storage area with the mattress on top of him – to come out with his hands raised.

Johnson then opened fire on them again, resulting in a second shootout, bodycam footage showed.

Officer Mauck was injured by flying shrapnel during the incident, police said.

“I’m hit, I’m hit,” the wounded officer told his fellow officers.

“We’re stuck inside the trailer,” Officer Mauck radioed a second later. “I’m hit in the face.”

The officers were able to assist each other out of the camper and took up positions outside while they waited for an OKCPD Tactical Unit to respond to the scene, according to the video release.

“Attempts to contact Mr. Johnson were unsuccessful and the Tactical Unit ultimately made entry into the trailer, where they found him deceased,” the OKCPD said.

Officer Mauck was treated for non-life threatening injuries at a local hospital and was then released to continue his recovery at home.

Investigators determined Garner was aware Johnson was hiding inside the camper when she gave them permission to search it, according to the OKCPD.

She was also aware he was armed with a gun, police said.

Garner was arrested and charged with harboring a fugitive.

The three officers involved in the incident have all been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below. Warning – Graphic Content:

Written by
Holly Matkin

Holly is a former probation and parole officer who is married to a sheriff’s deputy. She is a regular contributor to Signature Montana magazine, and has written feature articles for Distinctly Montana magazine.

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Written by Holly Matkin


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