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VIDEO: Officer Under Investigation For Takedown Of 76-Year-Old Woman

Baltimore County police are investigating the arrests of 76-year-old Rena Mellerson and her granddaughter, Cierra Floyd.

Pikesville, MD – Recently released bodycam video showed Baltimore County police throwing a 76-year-old woman to the ground after she interfered in her granddaughter’s arrest (video below).

The Baltimore County Police Department released the bodycam video after a cell phone video filmed by a neighbor went viral of the elderly woman’s arrest, WJZ reported.

But police bodycam video showed the grandmother had been interfering and actively blocking the officer from getting to her granddaughter to make an arrest for several minutes before she was taken into custody.

The incident occurred Baltimore County Police Corporal Brennan went to a home located in the 7000-block of North Alter Street to arrest a woman who had been involved at a fight at another house earlier in the day, according to WJZ.

Rena Mellerson, 76, answered the door at the home and was immediately argumentative and eventually combative with Cpl. Brennan, the video showed.

Bodycam video showed Cpl. Brennan told Mellerson he was there to arrest her granddaughter, Cierra Floyd.

Mellerson started to open the door for Cpl. Brennan but Floyd screamed at her not to.

So, then she tried to pull the door shut, but Cpl. Brennan had a firm hold on it.

The video showed he calmly explained to the grandmother that he was going to arrest her granddaughter – it was a foregone conclusion – so they should just get it over with the easy way.

But then Floyd rushed the doors yelling at her grandmother to shut the door, the video showed.

Cpl. Brennan used his foot to keep the door from closing but then his foot became wedged in the door and he couldn’t move it.

The corporal deployed pepper spray into the house through the open crack of the door, the video showed.

A moment later he deployed his Taser through the same crack, although it did not appear to have struck anyone.

Cpl. Brennan radioed dispatch to speed up his backup while he continued to struggle with the door.

“Ow, my foot is in the f–king door, you idiot,” he yelled at the women pushing the door shut from the other side.

“Well move it then,” one of them yelled back.

Finally, Mellerson can be heard on the video telling Floyd to open the door.

She does, but then she took off down the stairs away from the officer when he entered the house.

When Cpl. Brennan started to follow Floyd, Mellerson put herself between the officer and the staircase.

The video showed she reached out and put her hand on the officer to push him away.

That’s when Cpl. Brennan took Mellerson’s arm and pulled her through the door and out onto the front porch, where he turned the grandmother over to his backup officer who had just arrived.

That officer, later identified by the department as Baltimore County Police Officer Schmidt, grabbed Mellerson roughly and threw her to the ground, the video showed.

“Be easy with her. Easy!” Cpl. Brennan cautioned him.

The officer allowed the older woman to sit up as he handcuffed her sitting, the video showed.

Cpl. Brennan stood in the threshold of the home choking on his own pepper spray as he ordered Floyd out of the house, the video showed.

With her grandmother in custody, Floyd exited the house without incident and allowed herself to be taken into custody.

The video captured a small child screaming and crying from inside the house as they watched the older women being handcuffed.

Officers took Floyd to a patrol vehicle and allowed Mellerson to talk to neighbors and make arrangements for the care of the small children who were in the house.

Floyd was charged with second-degree assault on law enforcement, failure to obey a lawful order, second-degree assault, resisting and interfering with an arrest, and disorderly conduct, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Mellerson was also arrested and charged with second-degree assault, resisting and interfering with an arrest, and obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer performing his duties.

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt called the video of Mellerson’s arrest “unsettling,” The Baltimore Sun reported.

Chief Hyatt said that the Internal Affairs investigation and criminal investigation in the incident were ongoing.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

Sandy Malone - February Mon, 2020


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