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VIDEO: Officer Tries To Taser Man, Grabs Gun Instead And *BANG*

Deputy Charles Gillis said he mistakenly pulled out his gun instead of his Taser when he shot an 18-year-old in the arm

Milledgeville, Georgia – A sheriff’s deputy mistook his handgun for a Taser and shot an 18-year-old man in the arm, according to a video released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. (Video below)

Baldwin County Deputy Charles Gillis was at the scene of a domestic abuse when the incident occurred.

The mother of the 18-year-old called police to report that he had hit her in the face, according to The Union Recorder.

The video shows a third officer approaching two officers already involved with a suspect who then started to resist.

The officers said, “Taser! Taser!”

Then Officer Gillis pulled out a gun and fired one shot at the suspect.

“Oh my god!” Officer Gillis exclaimed after realizing he shot the suspect instead of Tasering him.

“What?” the second officer asked.

“Gol dang it!” Officer Gillis said.

“You shot him,” the second officer responded.

The video showed Officer Gillis putting his hands on his head. Later in the video, Officer Gillis appeared very distraught as the third officer tried to get him to sit down.

Gillis is a nine-year veteran who was placed on administrative leave.

Officer Gillis said that he intended to use his Taser instead of his gun, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. There is an investigation by the state bureau into the incident to determine if possible charges will be filed against Officer Gillis.

Jamel Jackson, the 18-year-old who was shot, was treated and released from a hospital and then was placed in jail on misdemeanor family violence and obstruction charges.

Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee said it wasn’t the first time an officer mistook a firearm for a Taser.

“People wear the Taser on what we called the off-hand side and wear their weapon on the good side,” Massee said, according to The Union Recorder.

“We do that, to be real honest with you, we do that so people won’t do what this deputy did and that is to grab his firearm. That is not what happened in this circumstance. The deputy did not go to his weak side hand. He pulled his service weapon and thought he was shooting a Taser and shot him.”

You can see the video below:

AndrewBlake - October Thu, 2017


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