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VIDEO: Officer Resigns After Repeatedly Hitting Man In Head With Taser

Glendale Police Officer Joshua Carroll resigned from the force in the midst of the firing process.

Glendale, AZ – A Glendale police officer has resigned from the department after an internal investigation determined he used excessive force by repeatedly striking a man in the head with a Taser (video below).

Now-former Glendale Police Officer Joshua Carroll resigned on Aug. 31, prior to the completion of the firing process, KNXV reported.

“Officer Carroll has a pattern of discipline involving poor decision making that has escalated to a point that I no longer have confidence in his ability during routine contacts and stressful situations,” a police commander wrote in his recommendation that Officer Carroll be fired.

The incident that ultimately led to the end of the former officer’s career occurred on June 13, after a witness reported that a man sitting in a vehicle appeared to either be sleeping or in distress, The Arizona Republic reported.

Officer Carroll approached the vehicle and made contact with the male driver, who was later identified as David Dulaney.

Bodycam footage showed Dulaney reaching around the vehicle as the officer attempted to speak with him through the partially open driver’s side window.

“David, do me a favor,” the officer said. “Stop reaching around, okay? ‘Cause I don’t know what kind of stuff you got in the car.”

Dulaney continued rummaging around inside the car, and said he was looking for his cell phone.

Officer Carroll then opened the driver’s door, at which point Dulaney told him he was scared, that he wanted to go see his friend, and that he needed to go to the bathroom, the video showed.

The officer told him to stay in the car and to place his hands on the steering wheel, but the man wouldn’t comply and began yelling “why?”

The officer later told investigators that he was concerned that Dulaney was reaching for a weapon inside the vehicle, The Arizona Republic reported.

Officer Carroll radioed for backup, then reached into the car and grabbed the noncompliant man’s left hand, the video showed.

Dulaney pulled away from him, and repeatedly yelled at the officer not to touch him.

During the struggle, Officer Carroll tased Dulaney as he attempted to yank him out of the car.

The man grabbed onto the Taser, and Officer Carroll took him to the ground.

Dulaney kept his arms tucked beneath him, at which point the officer began striking him with the Taser.

“Put your hands behind your back!” Officer Carrol repeatedly ordered, as the sound of the Taser being deployed continued.

“I can’t!” Dulaney insisted.

Officer Carrol delivered at least two more strikes to the man’s head, and Dulaney brought his right hand up to the spot where the officer hit him.

Officer Carroll then grabbed onto the man’s right hand and cuffed it, but Dulaney still insisted that he couldn’t physically bring his left arm out from under his body, the video showed.

“The more he fought me with one cuffed arm…it just added to that level of just full-on terror on my end,” Officer Carroll later told investigators, according to The Arizona Republic.

The bloodied man ultimately complied with the officer, who dragged him across the gravel onto a sidewalk after he secured him in handcuffs, the video showed.

Dulaney was subsequently transported to the hospital, where a large gash on his head was closed using staples, KNXV reported.

“I am extremely disappointed in the actions of this former employee”, Glendale Interim Police Chief Chris Briggs told the news outlet in a statement. “We hold our officers to the highest of standards and, as was the case in this incident we will take swift and decisive action when conduct is not in line with the expectations of our community.”

Investigators interviewed Dulaney, and learned that he suffered a head injury when he fell off a ladder 18 years ago, according to The Arizona Republic.

He has been living with his parents in Ohio since the June altercation, KNXV reported.

“That affected him a lot,” his mother said of the encounter with Officer Carroll. “Our son is just…scared to death, let’s put it that way.”

“When he has a little more time to digest it, he may be able to speak to it, but as of right now, he kind of wants to put it out of his mind,” his father added. “He is afraid to death of the police.”

According to the Glendale Police Department, the now-former officer was previously disciplined for violating other department policies, KNXV reported.

In January, he ordered a police trainee to drive over 100 miles per hour through red lights, then fired a rifle at a suspect, allegedly placing fellow officers and bystanders at risk.

He received a written reprimand in that instance, The Arizona Republic reported.

Officer Carroll was also disciplined three times in 2018 – once for causing a traffic collision, once for making an improper Facebook post, and once for making misrepresentations on his resume during a promotion process.

You can watch bodycam footage of the now-former officers encounter with Dulaney in the video below. WARNING – Graphic Content.

Holly Matkin - September Fri, 2019


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