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VIDEO: Officer Gets Smashed In Face With Metal Pole By Violent Repeat Offender

Bodycam video captured the moment a violent repeat offender slammed a metal pole into an LAPD training officer's face.

Los Angeles, CA – Bodycam footage captured the moment that an irate suspect smashed a three-foot-long metal post into a Los Angeles police officer’s face during an altercation in the Miracle Mile neighborhood (video below).

The incident occurred at approximately 12:20 p.m. on Aug. 12 after police received a report of an assault with a weapon near Detroit Street and Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Captain Gisselle Espinoza said in the video release.

One training officer and two probationary patrol officers responded to the area and spoke the female citizen who had placed the emergency call.

The woman said that a male with a metal pole had threatened her and her coworkers, and that he threw drywall at the workers, bodycam footage showed.

The suspect allegedly told the woman that the area was “his space” and attempted to provoke her and her coworkers into a physical altercation, she said.

The suspect walked away when he saw the woman on the phone with police, but remained in the general area.

When officers arrived on the scene, she pointed him out and the officers went to speak with him.

The suspect was later identified as 53-year-old Timothy Camon, Capt. Espinoza said in the video release.

Camon told responding officers that the individuals who he had been arguing with were “breaking into [his] earned money.”

“I don’t want no problem here,” he told the officers. “I don’t want you following me, doing all this kind of stuff you want.”

Camon told the officers he didn’t want to speak with them, and warned them not to “walk up” on him, the video showed.

“I don’t like none of this s–t here, bro,” he said.

The suspect then reached for the metal post he had sitting nearby.

“Boy, you better put that stick down,” one of the officers warned him. “You gotta be f–ked up! What’s wrong with you?”

The officer pointed his Taser at Camon and again ordered him to drop the metal post.

Just then, Camon took a swing at the officer and smashed the post into his face.

The officer deployed his Taser but it was ineffective, Capt. Espinoza said.

Camon began hollering at the officers to shoot him as they backed away and radioed for additional units to respond to the scene.

“Put the stick down,” one officer ordered.

“Nah, motherf–ker,” Camon responded. “I ain’t puttin’ nothing down!”

Another officer attempted to Tase the combative suspect again, but the jolt had no effect, the video showed.

“That s–t don’t work on me,” Camon taunted.

The field training officer ran back to his patrol vehicle and returned to the scene with a beanbag shotgun, Capt. Espinoza said.

He fired multiple rounds at Camon, who then turned and ran across the street, still gripping the metal post in his hand, bodycam footage showed.

“Get on the ground!” the officer yelled repeatedly.

“No, motherf–ker!” Camon retorted.

The suspect ran back across the street again, breaking through lanes of traffic, before he took off on foot down the sidewalk, the video showed.

When he reached a busy intersection, he began weaving through traffic as the officers chased him and fired additional beanbag rounds.

Camon ultimately stopped outside a post office and squared off with the officers as they surrounded him.

Moments later, he finally dropped the metal post and was taken into custody.

“While the use of force of a beanbag shotgun is intended to be a less-lethal use of force, the way in which it was deployed in this instance constitutes a lethal use of force,” Capt. Espinoza said, noting that at least one of the less-lethal rounds hit the suspect in the head.

Camon was transported to a local hospital to be treated for a puncture wound to his left cheek and a fractured wrist, Capt. Espinoza said.

He was subsequently charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

The officer Camon attacked was also transported to the hospital with lacerations to his left shoulder and head. He was treated and released.

According to police, Camon had previous criminal convictions out of Florida, including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, resisting an officer with violence, aggravated battery on law enforcement, and battery on law enforcement.

Watch bodycam footage of the officers’ encounter with Camon in the video below:

Holly Matkin - November Fri, 2019


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