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VIDEO NY Daily News Writer Tells World: Trooper Raped Woman – Now Video Is Out

Bodycam video has been released showing the arrest of Sherita Dixon Cole.

Ellis County, TX – New York Daily News activist-writer Shaun King released a story on Sunday which definitively stated that a Texas DPS trooper raped a woman after falsely arresting her for DUI, then booked her on those false charges.

Now Texas DPS has released the bodycam video and it shows that the entire story was a lie.

The incident started after a Texas DPS trooper stopped Sherita Dixon Cole for a traffic violation early Sunday morning on Interstate 35 near U.S. 287.

While on the stop, the trooper located an open bottle of wine in the vehicle and performed field sobriety tests on Dixon Cole.

At the end of the field sobriety tests, the trooper determined that there was probable cause to arrest her for driving while intoxicated.

The trooper routinely processed Dixon Cole for DUI and booked her into Ellis County jail.

You can see the full post of Shaun King’s allegations HERE, we’ve included the excerpts below.

Please help share this story on social media to help stop the ongoing death threats, and clear this trooper’s name.

Just hours later, Shaun King posted to social media that Dixon Cole was stopped because the trooper thought she was drunk; this is not true, she was stopped for a traffic violation.

King stated that “Cole voluntarily performed and passed all dui/dwi protocol including a breathalyzer,” and that the trooper “‘didn’t like [her] attitude’ and that he was going to take her to jail anyway.”

The video actually shows that Dixon Cole showed numerous clues of being impaired during the field sobriety tests, and no roadside preliminary breath test was given.

King stated that the trooper “took a seat beside Cole and placed his hand on her thigh. He asked her if she wanted to go home as he hiked up her skirt. He told her that she could earn her way home, if she really wanted to go.”

The video clearly shows that the trooper never touched her thigh, and never said any such thing.

The accusations got even more wild when Dixon Cole’s fiance arrived on scene. King stated:

Cole had called her boyfriend to the scene of the stop when she was first pulled over. He arrived just as the officer began to accost her.

[The Trooper] asked Cole who was in the car. When she explained it was her fiancé he asked her was he armed.

When she said he was not, [the trooper] retorted “If you tell him what happened he will be armed and his fire arm will be visible when I have to shoot him.” [the trooper] went out to speak with Cole’s boyfriend and allowed him to speak with her briefly in his presence.

Video shows that the trooper never said any such thing.

King’s story then started reading like it was straight out of a trashy pornographic magazine:

[The trooper] immediately ended the conversation and told Cole he was taking her to the Ellis County Jail. Her fiancé told [the trooper] that he would follow them to the jail but [the trooper] warned him that he could not follow him and would be arrested if he tried.

Cole’s fiancé drove a short distance up the road and waited for the officer to head toward the jail.

Instead, [the trooper] reentered the patrol car after placing Cole back into front passenger seat with her hands cuffed behind her back.

He drove the car behind the vacant dealership and told Cole “why don’t you just give me some of that sweet [expletive] you have been given your fiancé and then you can go home.”

Cole begged [the trooper] to just take her to jail. He placed his hands back up her skirt and penetrated her vagina, warning her “not to be stupid!”

He explained, she could “go home tonight” if she just gave him what he wanted.

When [the trooper’s] patrol car didn’t come up the road, Cole’s fiancé looped around the highway and made its way behind the dealership. When [the trooper] saw the car approaching he drove off while Cole’s fiancé followed at a distance.

[The trooper] maneuvered his vehicle down back streets and was successfully able to lose the vehicle tailing him. He told Cole that he knew a place where they could go and where he could get what he wanted so she did not have to go to jail. He continued to pull at her clothes and place his hand down her shirt and up her skirt.

Cole continued to beg to just be taken to jail as her boyfriend searched for her. Finally, [the trooper] relented and drove back to the highway and to Ellis County jail where she was booked for DUI/DWI.

Blue Lives Matter has reviewed the entire body camera video and at no point did the trooper make any verbal or physical advances towards Dixon Cole, or suggest there was any way that she wouldn’t be going to jail.

The trooper also never pulled behind the car dealership. Once the tow truck driver picked up the vehicle, the trooper drove straight to the Ellis County jail where Dixon Cole was processed and booked for DUI.

While Dixon Cole was still in custody and being booked, King somehow obtained the fabricated details of his long story and posted all allegations as if they definitively happened. King also included the trooper’s name in his story.

The post instantly resulted in thousands of people flooding the jail with phone calls so that they don’t “Sandra Bland” Dixon Cole.

Sandra Bland killed herself while in a jail in 2015, and anti-police conspiracy theorists say that she was actually murdered by police who staged a suicide, and that she was actually dead when they took her mugshot using her body.

The mob then misidentified another law enforcement officer as the arresting officer because he had the same last name. They then began to post his phone number, his wife’s information, and the information of other family members online.

The posts came with numerous death threats.

The only part of the video which may cause a reasonable person to be concerned it that almost two hours after the trooper stopped Dixon Cole, she provided a breath sample which indicated a .06% breath alcohol level, which is below the per se limit.

Alcohol dissipates at around .015% per hour, which indicates that Dixon Cole could have had a level of .09% at the time of the stop.

The .06% breath sample has no impact on the validity of the case, but it allows her a potential defense where she can claim she was drinking alcohol immediately prior to the stop, so her alcohol level was increasing rather than decreasing.

Texas DPS has now released the video showing the interaction saying, “The Department is appalled that anyone would make such a despicable, slanderous and false accusation against a peace officer who willingly risks his life every day to protect and serve the public.”

Dixon Cole has not made any public comment on the incident herself, but she has retained civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt who posted the same allegations as King, but was less definitive and detailed.

Merritt blasted law enforcement for not conducting a forensic rape investigation and dismissed a Texas DPS statement saying that that the video did not back up claims against the trooper.

Shaun King’s response to the Texas DPS statement was to tweet, “I’m not trying to play respectability politics here, but Sherita is a widely respected fully employed human resources professional. She has a BA from @UTAustin and her MA in Human Resources. She has a son in college. I refuse to accept any attacks on her character right now.”

He has not made a statement since the release of the video as of early Wednesday morning.

​The entire two-hour video of the stop and DUI processing was extremely uneventful. We have cut out the time around when Dixon Cole’s fiance arrives, which is the timeframe when the most horrific allegations were made. You can see that video below.

If you would like to see the full two hours of video, you can watch it HERE.

Please help share this story on social media to help stop the ongoing death threats, and clear this trooper’s name.

SnarkyCop - May Wed, 2018


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