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VIDEO: Nearly Two Dozen People Bail Out Of Pickup During Pursuit In Texas

A crowd of people bailed out of a Ford F-250 pickup during a chase in Brooks County, Texas.

Encino, TX – Dashcam footage of a Brooks County Sheriff’s deputy’s brief pursuit with a stolen Ford F-250 has gone viral (video below).

The footage has been viewed nearly eight million times since the department posted it to their Facebook page on Friday.

The video showed the deputy as he pulled up behind the white pickup on the right-hand shoulder of U.S. Highway 281, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The passenger door of the pickup opened just far enough for a man to stick his head out to look back at the deputy, but he then sat back down and the driver stomped on the accelerator, the video showed.

The deputy immediately activated his siren and took off after the fleeing vehicle.

After a short distance, the vehicle turned left and proceeded into a grassy ditch near a fence line with the deputy close behind.

As the pickup lurched to a stop, all four doors flew open and a large piece of plywood was tossed off of the top of the truck bed by people lying beneath it.

At least 20 people tumbled out of the vehicle, scrambling one after another onto the ground, and many took off running on foot.

About 11 people poured out of the truck’s cab, and at least nine leapt out of the back end.

It was unclear when the bailout took place, but a Brooks County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher said it may have occurred in 2016, the Houston Chronicle reported.

It is also unknown whether or not any of the people who fled the vehicle were apprehended.

You can watch the viral dashcam footage in the video below:

Holly Matkin - March Tue, 2019


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