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VIDEO: Mom Delivers Texas Whooping To Teen Son Who Stole Her New BMW

A Texas mother tracked down car-thief son and gave him a roadside whooping.

El Paso, TX – A Texas mother chased down her 14-year-old son who stole her BMW and then beat him with a belt on the side of the road when she caught him (video below).

The incident occurred in the early afternoon of Oct. 12 and was captured in a series of tweets posted by the boy’s older sister, Liza Campero.

The tweets have since gone viral. The video had been viewed more than 780,000 times in a week.

Campero chronicled the escapade as she rode shotgun while her mother attempted to hunt down her son Aaron Martinez, the family’s resident car thief.

“My [14-year-old] brother disconnected the Wi-Fi so my mom wouldn’t be able to see her cameras and took her brand new bmw to his gf’s house,” she began the threat. “I shouldn’t be laughing but damn.”

The theft occurred after Martinez disconnected the Wi-Fi in the family home so that his mother wouldn’t be able to see him on their security cameras.

Afterwards, he called his mother and told her the Wi-Fi was down, so she wouldn’t get suspicious, because the home’s security system would have given him away by notifying his mother of the doors opening and closing on their house.

His perfect plan was almost foiled, however, by the arrival of the family’s cleaning ladies, who knew he shouldn’t be driving.

Campero said Martinez went out the back door and around the house to get in the car unnoticed.

Martinez explained that he drove over to his best friend’s house and picked him up. They proceeded to drive to their high school, and then back to the friend’s girlfriend’s house.

In the meantime, the friend’s little brothers called their mom at work and told her what was happening.

The friend’s mom immediately called Martinez’s mom and filled her in.

Campero, who lives next door to her parents, said her mother called and asked her to go check and see if her brand-new BMW was in the driveway.

When her daughter confirmed the BMW was missing, she told her adult daughter to meet her in the driveway, and to bring a belt.

Campero said her mother was angry, but she was also worried because of the slick conditions on the roadways.

“It’s raining… Aaron’s 14 years old and he shouldn’t be driving in the first place. And from Aaron’s track record, he’s not a very good driver,” the older sister explained.

First, her mother drove over to Martinez’s girlfriend’s house. With a little help from her son’s girlfriend and her mother, she was able to figure out the last place her son had driven.

That’s when the older sister tweeted “the moms are all snitches.”

Campero explained that she and her mother waited in a parking lot by a road they expected her little brother to drive down.

When her mother spotted the BMW at a stoplight, it was all over for Martinez.

His mom pulled out on the roadway and pulled up beside him.

The video showed Martinez’s mother pulling her Cadillac SUV alongside the BMW and hanging out the window to scream at her son.

“Pull over NOW!” the woman screamed with an intensity unique to enraged mothers.

She pulled off the road behind her son and told her daughter to give her the belt they’d brought along.

As his sister giggled hysterically from behind the camera inside the SUV, their mother marched up to the BMW, pulled open the door, and began to beat Martinez repeatedly with the folded-over belt.

The mother can be heard screaming unintelligibly as she disciplined the car thief.

“She said when she opened the door, he was smirking, and as soon as he saw the belt, he wiped the smile off his face,” Campero told KTRK.

Campero captioned the video of Martinez’s capture “Rip to my brother.”

Later, the siblings filmed a 25-minute video together for social media that explained all the details of what happened.

“We wanted you guys to get a look at Aaron because he’s grounded probably until 2019. So, he’s not going to be on his phone and he’s not going to be following you all back for a while,” Campero began the explanation video they later filmed.

She said that their parents had taken away all of Martinez’s electronics and videogames. They also removed his bedroom door.

Campero said that while Martinez was grounded, he either has to be at school or with his mother.

The viral video has left Martinez a bit of a legend amongst his peers.

Campero said that her brother’s friends have started calling him the “El Paso Ferris Bueller,” referring to the 1986 Matthew Broderick movie.

“He says he learned his lesson and it was deserved and needs to make better decisions and didn’t do the right thing,” Campero told KTRK.

Watch the video of the boy’s capture below:

Tom Gantert - October Sat, 2018


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