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VIDEO: Mob Of Taco Bell Workers Attack Customers Who Complained About Wait

Several Taco Bell employees attacked a couple after customers began complaining about a 45-minute wait for tacos.

Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia police are investigating an attack by employees on customers at a Taco Bell in February (video below).

Joe Boback told WCAU that he had been waiting for his food for 45 minutes by 10 p.m. on Feb. 24 at the Taco Bell restaurant located at 11th and Chestnut Streets.

Boback said customers started complaining about the delay.

That’s when his roommate and her boyfriend, 38-year-old Bryan Reese, arrived at Taco Bell to pick him up, according to WCAU.

Reese told WPVI that the employees didn’t appear to be working hard and were telling customers that they were overwhelmed with orders from the food delivery service GrubHub, which took priority over in-store orders.

He said customers continued to complain about the wait, and that’s when some of the employees snapped.

Reese said six to seven Taco Bell employees jumped over the counter and attacked him, WCAU reported.

He ran outside to get away from them and they followed him out the door.

When the employees caught up with Reese, they beat him up in the street.

Boback said he pulled out his phone and began filming the melee as it occurred.

In the video, one worker held Reese in a headlock while the other worker threw punches.

Reese said his girlfriend tried to intervene but she got attacked as well,

One Taco Bell employee held her down while another employee beat her, according to WCAU.

“I backed out of the store. They continued to follow me. They put me on the ground, and I don’t really remember too much else. Except for when I got up my girlfriend was on the ground being beat, too. She wasn’t even in the store at the time,” Reese told WPVI.

“It was unprovoked,” he told WCAU. “There’s no reason my girlfriend should’ve been on the ground getting beat up as well.”

The entire altercation was captured on video by Boback, and both Reese and his girlfriend were injured in the attack.

Frustrated by the response to his complaint by Philadelphia PD and Taco Bell, Reese posted the video of the attack to social media on Tuesday, WCAU reported.

Reese told WPVI that Taco Bell was slow to release the names of the employees who attacked him so that charges could be pressed.

But the public dissemination of the video showing uniformed Taco Bell employees beating up customers lit a fire under the intended targets.

“We’re shocked and disappointed to see this situation; we and our franchisees do not tolerate this behavior,” Taco Bell’s corporate offices said in a statement. “The franchisee who owns and operates this location is retraining its staff, and all team members involved have been terminated.”

Reese said that in addition to firing his attackers, Taco Bell offered him a $20 gift card.

He said he planned to press criminal charges against the now-former Taco Bell employees who beat him, WCAU reported.

“Justice means the people get arrested and there’s repercussions for actions,” Reese said.

Police told WCAU they are investigating but that no charges have yet been filed in connection with the incident.

Watch the attack outside the Taco Bell in the video below:

Tom Gantert - March Sun, 2019


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