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VIDEO: Miranda Lambert’s NYPD Husband Makes #HotCopCameo In Glam Squad Lipsync

NYPD Officer Brendan McLoughlin popped into a lipsynch video with wife Miranda Lambert and her glam squad on Friday.

New York, NY – Country music star Miranda Lambert’s New York Police Department (NYPD) spouse made a cameo in a lipsync video with her glam squad in Tribeca on Friday night (video below).

Just before his wife took the stage on the day she launched her “Wildcard” album, NYPD Officer Brendan McLoughlin joined Lambert and her stylists in the dressing room of the iHeartRadio Theater as they performed a lipsync to the 1970s disco classic “You Sexy Thing.”

Lambert shared the video to her Instagram of her and three stylists jamming as they sang into a curling iron and hair and makeup brushes.

“I believe in miracles,” they lipsynched. “Where you from? You sexy thing.”

That’s when Officer McLoughlin popped into the screen singing on the downbeat, “You sexy thing.”

Then he disappeared again.

The glam squad continued lipsynching the next lines of the song as Lambert giggled and eyed her husband off camera.

“I believe in miracles, since you came along. You sexy thing,” they sang as Lambert reached over and pulled Officer McLoughlin back into the frame just in time to come in with the another “you sexy thing.”

The lipsync video, which was posted on Friday evening with the hashtag #hotcopcameo, had more than 400,000 views by the same time on Saturday.

The newlyweds have split their time since their wedding between New York and Lambert’s $3.4 million, 400-acre estate outside Nashville, Tennessee, according to Taste of Country.

Lambert, 35, made the bombshell announcement that she and the 27-year-old Officer McLoughlin had secretly gotten married in January in a social media post.

“In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share some news,” Lambert wrote. “I met the love of my life. And we got hitched! My heart is full. Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for….me. #theone.”

Officer McLoughlin, who generally patrolled Times Square on foot prior to his nuptials, has been hounded by the media since news of his recent marriage broke, TMZ reported.

“It would be hard to do his job with photographers and reporters hounding him,” one source told the New York Post.

Fans seeking autographs have also been an issue, the source added.

As a result, Officer McLoughlin was reassigned as a driver for higher-ranking members of the NYPD Midtown South Precinct.

Sources insisted that the change in duty was not a punishment, and that Officer McLoughlin still had the same authority that he had during his previous assignment, the New York Post reported.

According to The Mercury News, Officer McLoughlin planned to serve at least one more year with the NYPD.

But in July, NYPD confirmed that Officer McLoughlin had taken a leave of absence from the police department, People reported.

His request for leave came about two months before Lambert kicked off her Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour, and there was speculation that the officer would be joining his new bride on the road.

Since then, the groom has appeared in a number of “house husband” videos filmed and posted by to social media by Lambert, Taste of Country reported.

The couple recently purchased a $2 million home in Manhattan to make it easier for them to come and go from the city, according to InTouch.

Lambert said spending so much time in the Big Apple “does drain your energy” but the pair has no plan to give up their jet-setting anytime in the future.

Officer McLoughlin’s one-year-old son from a previous relationship still lives in New York and they want to spend time with him, according to People.

“We have the best of both worlds,” Lambert said*.* “We spend time in New York, we get to see our adorable nugget, then we get to come back to the farm and have the quiet life. I’m enjoying the balance.”

Watch Officer McLoughlin’s #hotcopcameo here below:

Sandy Malone - November Sat, 2019


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