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VIDEO: McDonald’s Employees Deliver Brutal Beating To Nasty Customer

A video of two McDonald's employees giving a customer a beatdown has gone viral.

Las Vegas, NV – A brutal beatdown of a female customer in a McDonald’s in East Las Vegas by two female employees has gone viral (video below).

Marie Dayag filmed the video and posted it to her Instagram account initially.

Dayag told WGN-TV the incident began when the customer asked for a water cup and then tried to fill it up with soda instead.

The McDonald’s employee solved the problem by shutting down the soda machine, and the customer flipped out, Dayag said.

The video began as the McDonald’s employee came out from behind the counter to deal with the irate female customer. The employee was considerably larger than the customer.

The customer threw a milkshake at the employee as she approached, the video showed.

Then she picked up her tray and smashed the McDonald’s employee in the face with it.

At that point, the employee had had enough, and she pushed the woman back up against the eating bar and pummeled her with her fists, the video showed.

Then she grabbed the customer and tossed her on the table of a booth, where another McDonald’s employee wrapped her arms around the customer from behind and took control of her, pulling her away from her coworker.

“No stop,” the second employee told the woman.

But the video showed the woman kept fighting, and the second employee started beating her in the head as she pulled her around by her hair, the video showed.

The second employee passed the customer off to the original employee at that point.

She grabbed the customer by her hair and hit her in the head a couple of times before she swung her over onto the table again, the video showed.

At some point during the fracas, the customer must have said something insulting about the McDonald’s employee’s mother.

“My momma ain’t dead,” the McDonald’s employee shouted to the customer in the video as she shoved her away from her. “You respect my momma.”

Even after being pummeled by two employees, the customer pulled her top back up again, grabbed a tall metal chair, and went back after the bigger McDonald’s employee again.

The customer continued yelling insults at the employee as she took the chair away from her, and then set it down and walked away.

The video showed the shrieking customer following the employee as she headed back toward the counter, appearing to be done with the altercation.

The Daily Star reported that the McDonald’s where the incident occurred was owned by Brent Bohn, who owns 32 McDonald’s restaurants in southern Nevada.

“We do not condone the behavior depicted in this video, and are currently investigating,” Bohn said, according to The Daily Star.

Dayag conducted a Facebook live interview with the McDonald’s employees involved in the fight afterward. She said she had never met the women before happened to film the altercation at their McDonald’s.

The women told Dayag that they hadn’t been fired, but they couldn’t currently go into the McDonald’s where they worked.

The employee who had done most of the fighting with the customer had cuts on her knuckles in the video.

“Are you bleeding?” Dayag asked her in the video.

“Yeah, because I hit her in the teeth,” the McDonald’s employee said.

At one point in the interview, Dayag joked “just don’t mess with her.”

“Or my momma!” the McDonald’s employee replied, as they both laughed.

You can watch the video here:

Tom Gantert - July Fri, 2018


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