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VIDEO: Man With 103 Arrests Randomly Assaults 92-Year-Old Woman

New York, NY – A career criminal who has been arrested more than 100 times was locked up on after he knocked a 92-year-old Manhattan woman to the pavement on Friday, leaving her injured and afraid to leave her home (video below).

The incident occurred at about 3:30 p.m. on June 12 as the elderly woman was walking down the sidewalk near Third Avenue and East 16th Street in Gramercy Park, the New York Post reported.

Surveillance video filmed by an exterior security camera nearby captured the moment that a man – later identified as 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage – reached out and hit an elderly woman in the head.

The video showed the contact knocked her down, causing her to fall to the pavement, knocking her head on a fire hydrant as she went down.

“With my visor on and my face mask, so he barely saw who I was,” the injured woman, Geraldine, told WCBS.

“He just saw an elderly lady walking slowly and he decided I’m perfect for a victim,” she said. “I’m not going to walk on the street alone right now, absolutely not.”

The video showed Brimmage looked back over his left should to see the woman writhing on the ground, but never slowed his pace as he walked out of the camera’s view.

“Oh, he did look back. He did look back to see me fall on the floor, that rat!” Geraldine told WCBS.

She lay on the sidewalk until a good Samaritan passing by called 911 to help her, the New York Post reported.

“I thought a brick hit me or something hit me on the left side of my head, and I went right down and hit my head against the hydrant,” Geraldine explained. “Blood was coming out, not spurting blood, but blood was dripping.”

An ambulance responded to the scene and transported the injured woman to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital for treatment, the New York Post reported.

Geraldine, who is a former teacher, said she has lived in that neighborhood for 50 years and never been afraid before now.

“He hit me on the left – ow – that hurts to touch it,” she told WCBS. “[My arm] was all bloody. This man did nothing except change my life and almost kill me.”

She told the New York Post that her wounds were relatively minor but the incident took a huge mental toll on her.

“Mostly I’m shaken,” the 92-year-old woman said. “My head still hurts where it was bleeding, where I hit the hydrant — or where he hit me, I don’t know. Mainly it’s psychological — just the fear of going out on the street.”

“This damned guy put me in a state where I’m fearful to walk the streets alone. So my super’s trying to find somebody who will walk me to a park nearby or to the supermarket, that kind of thing. So that’s the problem,” she added.

Investigators recognized Geraldine’s assailant in the video as Brimmage, who sources told the New York Post has been arrested for petty crimes and sex offenses 103 times since 2005.

Police said Brimmage was arrested again on Tuesday for his attack on the elderly woman.

The suspect has been a frequent flyer with the New York Police Department (NYPD) since he was 16 years old.

Police sources told the New York Post that Brimmage was convicted of sexual misconduct in 2012, and then arrested for two more sex offenses in 2014.

Brimmage was arrested for exposing and fondling himself on an East Harlem street in May of 2014.

Then he was arrested again in July of 2014 after he grabbed a random woman’s butt in a deli on Third Avenue, the New York Post reported.

State records showed that Brimmage failed to notify the proper authorities when he moved in 2017 and failed to register as a sex offender.

Court records showed that the suspect already had three open criminal cases in New York City when he attacked Geraldine unprovoked, the New York Post reported.

So far this year, Brimmage was arrested on Feb. 17 and charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment for an incident that occurred a week earlier in the Bronx.

He was released without bail, the New York Post reported.

Court records showed Brimmage was arrested again in the Bronx on March 5 and got a summons for trespassing.

Then he was arrested again four days later, on March 9 in Manhattan, and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, assault, and attempted assault, according to the New York Post.

For that arrest, Brimmage was given a desk appearance ticket and told to appear in court in July.

Watch video of the incident here below. WARNING – Graphic Content:

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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