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VIDEO: Man Set Ablaze After Police Taser Him

A video of a man bursting into flames as he's hit with a Taser has gone viral.

​Paris, France – A man burst into flames after Paris Police used a Taser on him in an incident that was captured by a police bodycam (video below).

The actual incident occurred in Paris in July of 2013, in Place de la Nation in the east of the capital, but the video has just surfaced online, The Sun reported.

In the video, the man can be seen resisting arrest, acting belligerent, and arguing with the police.

He walked away from officers, then back toward officers, in a threatening manner.

The Daily Mail reported the following translations from French, and said the man shouted at police officers, “I feel like Taser-ing your mother. Why don’t you Taser?”

In the video, he kept harassing police and daring them to take action against him.

The police officer reportedly said he didn’t want to use a Taser, and in the video, he can be seen hitting the suspect with his baton instead.

Then, in the video, an officer deployed a Taser on the belligerent man, and the shirtless suspect burst into flames.

Unfortunately, as the first officer fired the stun gun, another officer had simultaneously sprayed him with gas, which caused the man to be set on fire by the electric shock of the Taser.

The Daily Mail reported that the officer with the Taser shouted at the other officers “Guys, don’t use gas! Who the f**k gassed him?!”

Another police officer rushed to cover the burning man’s body with his own, and snuffed out the flames.

The Paris police force did an internal investigation on the incident but no action was taken against any officers, according to The Daily Mail.

Watch the video of the man acting erratically, then bursting into flames, below:

AndrewBlake - January Wed, 2018


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