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VIDEO: Man Screams At Cop To Kill Him, Backup Cop Casually Walks Up, Tases Him

Columbus Division of Police Officer Linda Gutierrez managed to hold the suspect at bay until backup arrived.

Columbus, OH – The Columbus Division of Police (CDP) has released intense bodycam footage of a female officer’s encounter with an irate man who demanded that she kill him (video below).

The incident occurred at the intersection of Brokewood Road and East Livingston Avenue at approximately 10:13 a.m. on March 7, the CDP explained in the video release.

CDP Officer Linda Gutierrez was dispatched to the area to handle a report of a motor vehicle collision.

She began speaking with a female about the circumstances of the collision, when the 27-year-old male driver of one of the involved vehicles interjected.

“I’ve been sleepin’, and people have been driving around, parking in front of my house, like driving, driving, driving, driving,” he ranted, becoming increasingly agitated. “I can’t even get no sleep…I’m like, ‘What the f–k is going on?’”

Officer Gutierrez explained that she was trying to gather information about what occurred, but the man instantly began clenching his fists and hopping around on the sidewalk.

“No – f–k that!” he shouted, charging back towards the officer aggressively. “You f–ked up my f–king car, man! What the f–k?”

Officer Gutierrez calmly asked the man to relax, at which point he stepped towards her, backing her off of the curb.

“No, I’m not calming down. No, I’m not stepping back,” he told her.

The man briefly backed away from the officer, but continued to argue and wave his arms aggressively.

“I’m trying to gather information so I can take the report for you, sir,” Officer Gutierrez explained, just before she radioed for another officer to “step up” his response to the scene.

The female resumed telling Officer Gutierrez how the crash occurred, when the male suspect suddenly lunged at her and yanked her purse away from her, the video showed.

He made it a few feet down the sidewalk before the tripped and skidded on the ground, dropping the purse.

“Get on the ground! On the ground, now!” Officer Gutierrez yelled, pointing her duty weapon at the suspect.

“I ain’t doin’ s–t, b—h!” he announced. “Kill me then! Kill me, b—h!”

Officer Gutierrez backed away as the suspect clambered back onto his feet, repeatedly screaming at her to kill him.

“Give me your f–king gun, b—h!” he said, moving towards her. “Give me the f–king gun, or f–king kill me. F–k all that.”

Officer Gutierrez continued to move away from the advancing suspect, and repeatedly ordered him to get onto the ground.

“I don’t want to shoot you!” she yelled at the screaming man. “Get on the ground!”

Another officer arrived at the scene with sirens wailing, and casually tased the irate suspect.

He collapsed to the ground, where he was ultimately subdued and placed into handcuffs.

But as the officers went to raise him to his feet, the suspect resisted their efforts and yelled at them to get off of him.

It was unclear whether or not the suspect was charged with a criminal offense, but police said he was “taken to receive mental health help.”

The woman he stole the purse from chose not to pursue charges against him.

The CDP commended Officer Gutierrez for her restraint and her attempts to de-escalate the situation.

“She showed amazing restraint the entire video,” said her supervisor, Lieutenant David Knight. “She’s a superstar to say the least.”

You can watch bodycam footage of Officer Gutierrez’ encounter with the irate suspect in the video below:

Holly Matkin - March Fri, 2019


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