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VIDEO: Man Lands On Own Knife After Being Tased By Police

Glendale, AZ – A man behaving suspiciously at the scene of a fire pulled out a big kitchen knife and then fell on the blade when an officer Tased him (video below).

The incident occurred just after 6 p.m. on Nov. 24 when Glendale police responded to the scene of a “suspicious fire” near Redfield Road and 60th Avenue, KSAZ reported.

Glendale police said that when officers arrived, they encountered a man who was “acting odd” at the scene.

“Our officer began speaking to the individual, who was associated with the home where the fire occurred, to keep him calm,” Glendale Police Sergeant Randy Steward said.

Bodycam video from the scene showed that an officer told the man that he couldn’t go back into the burning home, the Arizona Republic reported.

“You can’t go there, it’s not safe,” the officer told the man.

The video showed the officer told the man to grab his water bottle and tried to shepherd him away from where the firefighters were working.

“Now maybe we can get out of their way so they can do their job,” the officer said in the video.

Bodycam showed the man dumped the water out of the bottle and then stuck it in a mailbox as he walked with the officer.

Things seemed to be going fine until the man suddenly stopped and pulled a large kitchen knife out of his pocket.

Sgt. Stewart said the man held the knife “in a threatening manner to not only potentially cause harm to himself but to the emergency crews working around him,” the Arizona Republic reported.

“Let me have the knife,” the officer said and reached for it in the video.

But the man pulled back and stepped away from the officer.

“Let me have the knife. Put the knife down,” the officer told the man calmly in the video.

The man stood facing the officer holding the knife in front of himself.

Initially, the knife was pointed up and leaned out toward the officer, but then the man turned and started walking.

The video showed the officer ordered the man twice more to put the knife down as he pulled out his Taser and pointed it at the man.

The video showed the suspect pointed the knife at his own chin and continued walking.

He put the tip of the knife against his neck just as the officer deployed a Taser at him, the video showed.

The video showed the man continued holding the knife to his own neck as he fell forward when he was Tased.

The officer immediately bent and lifted the man off the ground to try to take the knife and cut his hand in the process.

Then they lift the man who was struggling against him and could see the knife was visible planted in his throat.

“The knife is in his neck,” the officer said in the video.

The video showed the suspect was holding the knife to his neck and resisted the officer and a firefighter’s efforts to flip him over and help him.

The firefighter managed to get the man onto his back by dragging him, the video showed.

Police said the suspect resisted efforts to provide First Aid but was eventually treated for his injuries and transported to the hospital, the Arizona Republic reported.

Officials have not released the name of the suspect or the officer, but said the “suspicious nature of the fire” remained under investigation.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below. WARNING – Graphic Content:

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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