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VIDEO: Man Gets Tasered Then Well-Ventilated While Shooting At Cops

A suspect continued shooting at police even after he'd been hit with a Taser.

​Warrington, FL – Authorities released dashcam video on Wednesday of an October police-involved shooting in Escambia County (video below).

The Florida Office of the State’s Attorney ruled the shooting of Demetric Carter by Escambia County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) deputies was justified.

The incident began on Oct. 27, 2017 when 26-year-old Carter entered the Warrington Bank, and told the teller that they needed to call the police, according to a detailed report issued by the Office of the State Attorney.

When teller Melinda McCombs asked why she should call police, Carter told her again.

“I just need you to call the police. I don’t want to take it out on y’all,” Carter said.

McCombs called 911 and gave police a description of Carter, and reported the conversation that had taken place, police said.

ECSO Deputy Pat Roberts responded to the Warrington Bank, and after talking with tellers, he located Carter outside the bank and approached him.

As Deputy Roberts approached, Carter put his hands behind his back, and told the deputy not to come any closer.

Deputy Roberts then saw a gun hidden in Carter’s waistband, and ordered the suspect to get on his knees. Carter did not comply.

In the video, Carter ignored the deputy’s commands, walking around the parking lot, and moving his hands from the air to folded in front of him and then back up in the air while apparently testing limits.

At that point, the video showed two more deputies arrived to back up Deputy Roberts.

“Gun in the back pocket, Ron,” Deputy Roberts advised them over the radio as they approached.

The video showed Carter continued to ignore instructions to turn around, get down on his knees, and keep his hands where deputies could see them.

ECSO Deputies Crista Pope and Ronald Busbee took up positions on either side of Deputy Roberts.

The video showed Deputy Roberts ordered Carter to get down on his knees multiple times before taking action.

Once the deputy was flanked by other law enforcement, he put away his gun and got out his Taser.

The video showed Deputy Roberts told Carter twice he would tase him if he didn’t comply with commands.

Carter can clearly be seen reaching for the gun in his back pocket in the video.

The video showed Carter pulled his gun, and was hit with the Taser, which took him down.

Officers appeared to wait as the Taser took effect to see if they could avoid using deadly force.

Then Carters started shooting.

Deputies then provided Carter with a large collection of bullet-holes.

None of the deputies were injured. The suspect was taken to Baptist Hospital for emergency surgery and survived, according to WKRG.

Carter has been charged with three counts of attempted murder of law enforcement.

The report from the state’s attorney said that after Carter had been subdued, he told emergency medical responders that he was just trying to kill himself.

The Office of State’s Attorney determined the use of deadly force was “reasonable and justified,” and said no criminal charges would be filed against the deputies.

You can see a video of the shooting below. WARNING, graphic content:

AndrewBlake - January Fri, 2018


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