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VIDEO: Man Beats Elderly Woman On Subway As Men Record Instead Of Helping Her

Viral cell phone footage of the attack led to Marc Gomez's arrest.

Bronx, NY – The suspect recorded in a viral cell phone video beating a 78-year-old homeless woman on a New York subway has been arrested (video below).

The incident occurred at approximately 3:10 a.m. on March 10, as the train pulled into the 238th Street and Nereid Avenue Station, WCBS reported.

Cell phone footage showed the suspect, later identified as 36-year-old Marc Gomez, as he kicked a seated, elderly woman six times in her face and body in an apparently unprovoked attack.

At least two other riders stood by and watched as Gomez pummeled the helpless woman, who tried in vain to shield herself from the blows.

“WorldStar that, my n—a!” Gomez told a man recording the scene, just before he sauntered off the train.

The assault left the elderly woman with swelling and cuts to her face, WCBS reported.

Despite her obvious injuries, no one came to her rescue or even notified police about the attack until the train pulled into its last stop at the Wakefield-241st Street station, the New York Post reported.

A bystander then alerted a police officer in the station, and the woman was treated by emergency medical personnel.

She refused further assistance.

New York police turned to the public for help in identifying and locating the man seen in the video, and their effort quickly paid off.

Employees at the Frenchette restaurant immediately recognized the man in the video as one of their dishwashers, and alerted police, the New York Post reported.

“We wanted to make sure we did everything the right way and he was picked up as quickly as possible,’’ one of the employees told the paper on Monday. “[The police] couldn’t find him at his address, so detectives came to the restaurant on Saturday just after 9 a.m. to get him at work.”

Gomez was arrested inside the kitchen dishwashing area, and was hauled out of the restaurant still wearing his apron.

According to police, Gomez was out on bail at the time of the attack, the New York Post reported.

His earlier arrest occurred in November of 2018, when officers located a 12-gauge shotgun and ammunition in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

Gomez also has previous arrests for possession of a gun, assault, and drug possession offenses.

He now faces a new offense of felony assault, and his bond was set at $30,000.

But Gomez’s fiancée, 44-year-old Alicia Cox, claimed that Gomez only assaulted the elderly woman after she threatened to stab them and Cox’s 11-year-old daughter, the New York Daily News reported.

Cox said that the video did not show what happened before the altercation.

She said everything began after Gomez told Cox’s daughter to sit next to the elderly woman.

“As soon as my daughter lays down, the lady goes, ‘Oh, what are you doing?’” Cox recounted. “So Marc goes to her and says, ‘Excuse me?…Ma’am I’m not bothering you, I’m not trying to do anything to you. We’re just trying to get home. My daughter is trying to sleep.’ And she goes, ‘Oh, I don’t care, I’ll punch her in the head.’”

Gomez, Cox and the little girl moved to another seat, but the elderly woman continued to threaten them, she said.

“She goes, ‘I’ll stab you. I’ll kill you,’” Cox said.

Cox claimed that she saw “something shiny” in the woman’s hand, and that she feared it might have been a knife.

“When she threatened to stab all of us once again, it’s like he [Gomez] snapped because he sensed us right behind him and he snapped,” she said. “He’s a real loving guy. He’s a sweetheart…We both agree that he made a bad decision [and] went about it the wrong way.”

“We both hope she gets all the mental health she needs,” Cox told the New York Post.

Cox also claimed that Gomez had just been promoted at the restaurant where he was arrested, and said that he was a chef who “oversees people,” the New York Post reported.

But a Frenchette spokesperson said that Gomez was never promoted beyond the rank of dishwasher, and that he has since been fired from his position altogether.

New York police also disputed her version of events and said that Gomez’s attack on the elderly woman was unprovoked, according to the New York Daily News.

She did not have any weapons on her when she was treated for her injuries, the New York Post reported.

You can see the footage of the brutal attack in the video below:

Holly Matkin - March Fri, 2019


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