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VIDEO: Man Attacks Firefighters For Not Putting Out His Car Fire Quickly Enough

The firefighters pinned him to the ground, but the irate suspect just kept coming.

St. Louis, MO – An irate suspect whose car was on fire attacked two St. Louis firefighters when the responded to help him (video below).

The incident occurred near Natural Bridge and Shreve Avenue at approximately 5:50 p.m. on Nov. 15, after the St. Louis Fire Department (SLFD) received a report that a vehicle had burst into flames as the result of a collision, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Firefighters responded to the scene and were actively working to contain the blaze when they were approached by a man who had been driving the car, KMOV reported.

The angry driver accused the firefighters of taking too long to douse the flames, then began punching two of them, they said.

The brawl was well underway when a witness began recording the scene with a cell phone.

The video showed the firefighters as they pinned the belligerent man to the ground.

The suspect appeared to stop fighting a moment later, so the first responders let go of him.

But as the firefighters were walking away, the combative man jumped to his feet and lunged at one of them, shoving him in the chest, the video showed.

The attacker briefly fell to the ground as a second firefighter intervened and held the irate man back from the uniformed firefighters.

A moment later, the suspect began swinging punches at the second firefighter, who expertly dodged his blows and took him to the ground, the video showed.

The attacker was ultimately taken into custody by police, but it is unknown what charges he may be facing, KMOV reported.

The firefighters he assaulted both refused treatment and will make full recoveries.

They said they did not want the suspect to be criminally charged over the incident, but that they do want him to get help, KMOV reported.

The SLFD chief will review footage of the incident to determine whether or not the firefighters acted in accordance with department policy during the altercation.

You can watch cell phone footage of the firefighter’s encounter with the combative suspect in the video below:

Holly Matkin - November Tue, 2019


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