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VIDEO: Lone Coyote Attacks Entire Group Of Cops On Highway

Animal Control is testing the body of a coyote that attacked a Columbus police officer to see if the animal had rabies.

Columbus, OH – A Columbus police officer was attacked by a coyote on Thursday night before running away and returning to take on a whole group of cops (video below).

The incident occurred at about 7:23 pm om Jan. 16 as Columbus Police Officer James Tripp was working traffic at South Hamilton Road and Interstate 70, according to a post on the Columbus Division of Police’s official Facebook page.

Police said a coyote attacked Officer Tripp and bit him in the knee multiple times.

The officer deployed pepper spray at the animal and then punched it several times before additional officers arrived to assist him, according to the post.

But then bodycam video showed that, even with multiple officers present and several police vehicles with police lights flashing on scene, the coyote returned and charged again.

The video showed officers using a police SUV to push the coyote back, but the animal dodged around the back of another police vehicle and came back at officers.

Dashcam video from another patrol vehicle gave an even better view as the coyote lunged at police.

Video showed that one of the officers deployed a Taser at the coyote, and the animal dropped to the ground and cried out.

Police say the coyote then dashed off into the woods but didn’t leave the area.

An officer fatally shot the coyote to keep it from attacking any other humans, according to the post.

The Humane Society of the United States said on its website that coyote attacks on humans are rare.

Coyotes are generally afraid of and avoid humans unless they have been fed by people.

But the Humane Society said that a coyote who has bitten a person “will have to be specifically targeted and removed from the population.”

Animal control collected the coyote’s body and is testing it for rabies or any other diseases that might have cause it to display such unusual aggressive behavior.

Officer Tripp sustained multiple bite wounds to his right knee and was transported to the hospital for treatment, according to the department’s Facebook post.

Watch video of the officers’ encounter with the coyote below:

Sandy Malone - January Fri, 2020


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